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INT : CD6 steering column swap into a 92 - 93 with SRS

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    INT : CD6 steering column swap into a 92 - 93 with SRS

    First thing I want to mention is that this swap is basically a straight swap. Almost bolt on. The only things that need to change are based almost entirely on your preference.

    I will start by mentioning the key differences between the steering columns here.

    Length to length they are the exact same. There are only three differences and they are slight.

    The main difference is the different spline, but we all knew that because that's why you're doing this swap.

    The second important difference is the location and shape of the piece of metal the trim and switches mount to.

    The third difference is the spline shaft for the joint that connects to the steering rack. The adjusting area for it is much larger which should make installing this easier than the stock column (I think).

    We will now talk about the second important difference. The plastic trim and switch and clock spring holder. The difference here is not an issue because when they are installed they both sit in the exact same spot. They aren't interchangeable because they mount differently, but the light and wiper stalks are the EXACT SAME. The wiring also looks to be the same, but I can't tell for sure. To be safe, just use your old stalks and wiring and you're good to go.

    Now the last part is your personal preference. Would you rather have a newer, and PERFECTLY FITTING piece of interior trim but get a lock rekeyed? Or would you rather use your old lock and do a small amount of finangling? I'm going to explain the finangling method since the other method is fairly self explanatory.

    First things first you need to remove the old ignition cylinder thing. Just take the whole assembly off. Practice on the CD column first since you don't actually want that one. You can either grind a slot in the top of the bolt, or hit it with an awl or punch or something. You can just replace it with a regular bolt when you're done.

    Once you have both ignitions off the columns you'll see that the CB one fits right in place and it is mounted in the EXACT SAME POSITION. put it on, tighten your bolts down, ensure proper working order, and move on to fitting the trim.

    This is where things get a bit... Custom. The trim isn't a perfect fit. Well, it looks like it is. But you'll know. It will haunt you while you sleep.

    First things first, take your CB plastic cover thing, and break all the nipples and holes for nipples off of it. You know, the little alignment nipples things. They get in the way. You can leave them if you want, it will still go together, but it's easier with them out of the way.

    Then put the lower cover on first. If you use the rearmost screw hole and go from there, it will fit perfectly. It will go around the ignition perfectly. However the front two screw holes will not line up. They are very close but not perfect. Do NOT DRILL new holes. Just bend the piece of metal with the holes oh ever so slightly and it will line up and everything will be secured. Screw the top part on and you're done.

    Of course if that was all there was to it, we'd already have ended world hunger and war so it isn't perfect perfect.

    The steering wheel I have (maybe others are different) rubs ever so slightly. I mean, just BARELY makes contact with the CB trim. I'd move it back, but then the ignition wouldn't line up. Oh well, I'll sand it later PICTURE TIME.