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Litter Bucket/Tissue Dispenser

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    Litter Bucket/Tissue Dispenser

    Sometimes the simplest needs generate the most useful DIYs. Case in point finding a tissue and having a place to discard it. Again this is another very old design but still works effectively in a number of cars.

    I started with a couple of short "L" brackets (2" x 2") available at any hardware store:

    Next I found a generic litter container available from an auto supply store such as O'Reillys, AutoZone, etc. which I modified. I found that Kleenex brand travelers size tissues fit best. Mark and carefully cut a rectangular slot using a utility knife through the litter container wall that aligns with the tissue box opening.

    The bottom of the container has sharp nubs to keep it from sliding but for whatever reason I cut these off and added a felt pad using spray on adhesive:

    This particular container also has a false bottom which easily lifts out. Underneath is a small bag of sand for added weight to stabilize it. Since the modification will secure it with the L-brackets keeping the sand is optional.

    Remove the false floor and locat the 2nd L-bracket so that it's slightly pressing the back of the tissue box against the inside container wall. Mark the two L-bracket holes and drill clearance holes for two short screws, washers and nuts and install.

    Next step wrap each L-bracket in a continuous strip of self-adhesive Velcro to cover it as shown:

    The trickiest part is setting the container over the floor hump, locating the 2nd L-bracket location where it protrudes out so that it can wedge between the seat bottom cushion and floor and precisely marking it on the container. The height varies according to car model and year so it may not exactly swap from car to car.

    Once this is done drill, mount and cover the L-bracket as before:

    To install just slide it in (now I remember why I removed the sharp nubs) and reverse to remove:

    This is how it looks fully installed. Optionally you can find small plastic trash bags which can be cut short to line it if you prefer:

    And that's it, to use just slide your hand between the seats and grab a tissue while driving and do the same to throw it away. You needn't take your eyes off the road as it becomes 2nd nature very quickly and is always there.

    Hope you like...
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    Very handy. Those of us with nasal issues can appreciate this.
    CC2 Vigor.