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INT: updated power mirror switch

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    INT: updated power mirror switch

    Tired of your old power window switch not working or acting stuck on? Snag one from a newer accord, cl, tl, whatever. Cut the pigtail and splice it in. I couldn't find the wiring necessary in a clear concise way anywhere. Too many articles about JDM power windows and stuff to try and find everything I needed. So here it is. None of the colors stayed the same except the first two listed below so all the guesswork is done for you. I love shit that works like it's supposed to.

    Wires listed from chassis (your cars harness) to switvh pigtail (from the new car)
    Blu/blk------>light grn

    I grabbed a tl switch that also has a button for mirror defrost. I saw someone post about using it as a trunk switch and that sounds kinda cool to me. Or I may get heated lenses from a tl or CL as I've heard they are the same shape and wire it up to make them work.
    Sorry for no pics. Sucks trying to find somewhere to host that doesn't kill the links after a while.
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    I wanted to depin/repin it for an extra clean install bit the pins are different and won't go into the newer model clips so I used some butt connectors and was tidy about it, and made good strong connections with my favorite pair of Klein's.