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INT: Removal of Door Panels (manual windows)

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    INT: Removal of Door Panels (manual windows)

    well, it's fairly easy to take off the door panel on a cb7 with power windows and locks, but for us poor poeple with manual windows and locks, it's a bit tricky.

    tools required:
    - screw driver
    - patience

    1. remove all the screws:

    2. pull out the handle thingy:

    3. unhook the handle from the metal shaft (this can be a bit tricky).

    CB7 + H22A4 + M2S4 + JDM P13

    4. (this is where it gets tricky) pull out the window handle as far as you can. there is a clip behind the handle that you will need to take off. try using a screw driver or something thin because your fingers will not fit. once the clip is off, pull the handle off.

    -you can kinda see the clip in this pic:

    -this is what the clip looks like:

    5. take off the speaker cover by pulling on the edges and sliding it down (it should pop off)

    6. pull on the edges of the panel to pop the rest of the clips out, then slide the panel upwards.

    and it should look like this:

    then you can change your speakers, install alarm actuators, or whatever
    CB7 + H22A4 + M2S4 + JDM P13


      hmm, is urs a 90/91? cuz on my 93, the speaker grille doesnt get removed, it is screwed into the door panel. just letting anyone know that theirs might be the same way.

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        same here
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          hmmm, nope, mine's a 92.

          my speaker cover is not attached to the panel.
          CB7 + H22A4 + M2S4 + JDM P13


            i have a 93 too..cant find a way to remove a blown speakr
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            MY 1n2 CB7


              good glad i found this..