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INT: Control your antenna

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    INT: Control your antenna

    OK, I dont really got any pictures, but it is all pretty easy...

    Some newer Head Units are wired so that your antenna only goes up when you have the unit turned on and listening to the radio. My unit does not have this feature, so what I did was got some extra wire and wired in a switch to my "power antenna" wire on the wire harness. I then drilled a hole and mounted the switch where I felt was the best location (in the center console by the cup holder).

    Now I can controll my antenna and keep it down when I am listening to my CD's

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    Good job.
    Anyway.. Alpine head unit controls the power antenna automatically.
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      here is diy someone made a while back

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        i thought all headunits bring up the antenna hmmmm im wondering if u didnt have it hooked up right my

        all had this option i cant see a HU not having this option

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          Originally posted by thewoahna
          ... Some newer Head Units are wired so that your antenna only goes up when you have the unit turned on and listening to the radio.
          He's right --- not ALL head units make the antenna go up/down when JUST the radio plays. For example my old Alpine sends 12v through the blue wire (antenna wire) whenever it's on.


            mostly all headunits have an extra wire that is the amp turn on wire, that you can just hook up to the antenna.

            if it is only on with the radio and not wiht the cd, all u have to do is jump that line to the accesory wire.

            it just depends on wiring, not the deck itself.
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              This can be useful if you ever want to replace the oem antenna with a non motorized one, especially when the motorized antenna stops working.