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INT: Stereo Removal/installation

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    INT: Stereo Removal/installation

    This is for the beginners on these forums. Insted of going to some other website and looking for instructions, here they are, on here. This was very simple, took me about an hour and a half. (ish)

    Tools you will need
    Phillipshead screwdriver.
    Wire cutters/strippers
    Splice connects.
    8mm Ratchet.
    Stereo installation kit.
    Wire harness.

    and a new stereo would help too. :P

    Step one
    Disconnect negative battery cable. (black one)

    Step two
    Move the passenger/driver seats as far back as they can both go.
    Take the phillips head screwdriver, and you will locate 4 screws on the housing around your (in my case) automatic shifter.

    There are two screws on each side, remove them all.

    Step three.

    Insert your key into your "shift lock" slot on your automatic shifter, move it to N. You will be doing this, to get the housing from around the shifter. Pull the emergency break, so you won't roll away. Remove the ash tray. Now, just lift the housing off. It should come off with no problem.

    You should look like this now.

    Step four.

    You need to remove the "metal thing" that the ash tray was at.

    The three screws that are holding it in place, remove them. Pull it down, but don't go crazy and rip it, because theres a light attached to it for the ash tray. Just let it hang.

    You should look like this.

    Step Five.

    If you look up in there, you should see two gold bolts. Thats whats holding that stock stereo in place.

    Take that 8mm ratchet, and remove them. (**note** if you don't have an 8mm ratchet handy, you can use your screwdriver.)

    Step Six.

    Your stock stereo should just come right out now.

    Pull it a little, to disconnect the antenna, and wire harness.

    It shouldn't take much effort to get it out.

    You should look like this now.

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    Step Six.

    This is where thoes wirecutter/stripper and splice connects come in handy.
    If you haven't already wired up the wire harness that goes from your new stereo, to your stock connections....

    do that now.

    for me, i matched everything up color to color, worked fine.

    Also, take the DIN sleeve off of your new stereo, and fit it into the din and pocket "thing"

    Bend the flaps, so the din sleeve is secure.

    [b]note** be sure you snap the correct snap ends off of the new pocket, because some you don't need. you should only need two on the top, and two on the bottom.

    Step Seven.

    snap that into place, following with your new stereo.
    before you get that in, be sure to wire up your new stereo. that's pretty simple. everything goes where it fits.

    should look like this now.

    What I did, was connected my battery back real quick just to check if everything was wired up correctly. I suggest you do the same.

    Luckly, mine was.

    Bolt it up accordingly, then just do everything you did to get it off in reverse.

    Make sure you have no screws left over, because if you do...

    then you've got a problem..

    i ended up with two screws left, and they were the gold ones that secured the stereo into the dash. but i left them out, becuase i'm gonna fix that when i install my amp/subs.

    And you're done.

    Finished product.


      woah...i didn't think you were going to write it up so detailed man...good job..

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      by the way, arguing on the net is like womens basketball, even if you win, no one cares.


        nice write up. i would recomend sodering (sp) the wires from the head unit to the harness wires but its all gravy. good thread for beginners.

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          nice diy...i need a new cd player...BAD..

          I ♥/Miss My Coupe


            Excellent write up. One of the most useful I have seen on here in recent months.
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                Very nice, people are always asking how to get the stock radio out.... Excellent pics!!
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                  haha thanks guys.

                  hell, when i install my amp/subs do you guys think i should do a DIY for that too?
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                    nice good write up and yes do one for amp and sups too

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                      Good DIY, is it the same for 5 speed??

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                        i'm not sure, but if you could take some pics of the housing to the manual tranny shifter/shiftboot are, then remove the screws, just check to see if i looks the same as in the pics i did. if you've got any questions, send me thoes pics and any questions you've got, and i'll help.

                        i don't think it should be much different though..


                          For a 5 speed, you will need to do some extra steps to remove the center console. Nothing hard, you just need to unscrew the shift knob first. THen you can pull the center console and the boot over the shifter and off. I have one question though, what do you do if you drop a screw and it falls into the bottomless pit in the center console? I've dropped a few screws, among other things (drill bits, etc.) down there


                            hm, i'd try to get one of thoes long magnets...

                            try to get them out of there with that...

                            but considering the car is..metal...

                            it might be a problem...with the magnet sticking to the car, and not finding your parts.


                              well nice write up i didn't do all that... i just pulled out ashtray.. and ashtray bracket and i got access to the gold bolts..

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