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INT: Trunk Floor

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    INT: Trunk Floor

    This is a little DIY we did about a month ago, came out really well.

    Problem: cracked trunk floor

    Parts: 1/8" plywood, 4'x4'
    Small hinges with screws

    Tools: Screwdriver
    Hacksaw or Sawzall(for trimming screws)


    1) Remove the old trunk floor. This is what the old one looked like

    2) Trace the old one onto the plywood with the marker, marking all indents, holes, etc.
    3) Cut the floor along the outline. Does not have to be completely accurate
    4) Sand the edges
    5) Test fit in car, make sure it sits flat with the carpet down. Figure out where you want the cut for the bend. For the civic, we made it so it would bend right in front of the subwoofer box
    6) Cut a straight line across the desired bend area, then sand the edges
    7) Install the hinges so the hinges are on top, and the round center part is between the two pieces to compensate for the cut and for flushness

    8) Make sure it bends well

    9) Cut the screws so they are flush with the wood. I started with a hacksaw, but ended up using a Sawzall which was alot faster

    10) Throw it in the car and test the fit

    I think it took about an hour, but that's also including going downstairs/upstairs for tools

    for all those who have leaky trunks make sure you stain the plywood becuase it will warp if it gets wet. Great DIY dude
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      yeah i did one half of the bend before then my drill broke and i didnt stain the plywood and yes it did warp lol

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        I did this but mainly to help support my speaker box.


          I need my dad to make me one. Im too lazy to ask. but my trunk floor caved in from it being wet :-/ ughhh