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INT: DIY seized latch fix (door stuck shut)

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    I dont get it
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      Originally posted by Darkcloud View Post
      I dont get it
      i would just get another latch first. make sure you get one that is for sedan or coupe and if you have power locks or not. then get you door panel off, it's not as hard as it seems. you can unbolt the drivers seat and slide it back to give you more room.

      after that, it's just drilling the latch in the right spot. i'll try and help you with any questions you have along the way. later.
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        (I hope the OP doesn't mind me hijacking this thread a little but since its about 10 years old and it brings a lot of people here when they google the problem)

        If anyone has some pictures, instructions, or even better, a good video, on how to do this job with minimal damage to the door that would be great!!

        This website is the current link for what the OP posted

        Here are some videos I found but they are't exactly clear cut / full step by step "The easy way were you don't have to drill on it"
        (in this video the guy says a DIY'r pretty much drilled the lock out like im assuming the OP did, but we can't really tell, and says this didn't have to be done? But he doesn't really say why drilling at it mattered since he sawzalled it out after the door was open)

        (Just to point out a comment on the video "I also would add that it might be easier to use a dremel and measure the distance of the lock mechanism and cut a hole through the metal of the door once the door panel is removed to gain access to the toggle mechanism".) I wanted to mention this because when my mechanic fixed mine he did something like that by using another door to find the precise spot to drill. (once I get to talk to him ill try to write down all of what he did but I live several hours away from him now)

        Here is another video: "How to Open a Honda Door that's STUCK! The easy way."

        (Maybe this one can be helpful. He does mention his method will do some damage do the door and its a civic but says it will work for accords too)

        (One interesting note, he brings up a 3rd way ive heard about gaining access to this booger and that is by somehow cutting a hole out of the B pillar which seems like that could compromise crash stability in some way and probably not be a good idea??)

        I just wanted to put out the information I found in this thread since it pops up in google a lot and hopefully it helps someone piece together enough information to feel comfortable to have a go at it and maybe they can provide some helpful hints/pics. It would also be great if someone who is skilled would to post up video guide or picture tutorial like the OP did with a bit more step by step detail. Or if anyone has a link that shows how to do this in a more easy to follow manner that would be greatly appreciated

        p.s. my 93 that was heading for the scrap metal heap is just about the hit 300K!