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INT: Automatic Short Shifter DIY

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    INT: Automatic Short Shifter DIY

    This is my first DIY so bear with me and my dirty interior, im a busy guy lol:

    *notice* i am not held responsible, liable, whatever for anything you mess up trying to follow this DIY. If you screw this up you will need a new gear selector, so keep that in mind.

    tools needed:
    pipe cutter
    phillips head screwdriver
    (maybe) allen wrenches depending on your shift knob
    sorry if i forgot a tool

    This was done once already but was deleted due to a member no longer with us. So i am reposting and hopefully this helps some of us slush-box drivers feel a little more manly in our automatics

    I did this with a Pilot manual shift knob and matching boot from Pep Boys, but a majority of people have asked about look-alike knobs that actually depress like this one:

    this diy can be used for these types of knobs as well, since the same basic principle applies.

    *note* i find that when messing with the shifter its easier if you remove the interior panel surrounding the shifter and leave the shifter in the neutral position.

    First, lets learn how an automatic gear selector works in our cars.

    *note* pics are not of a cb7 shift knob

    standard automatic shifter:

    this can be removed via a couple screws located on the neck of the shift knob. Once it is unscrewed you simply pull up on the shifter. In some cases the spring and a white piece fall out of the shifter. dont worry about it, you dont need these anymore anyways.

    The Way Things Work:

    Heres what your looking at:

    when you push in the button on the side, the tapered slide rolls over a small wheel, gently pushing down the inner rod.

    The inner rod is locked upright and is only unlocked by pressing the brake pedal or inserting your key into the keyhole next to your gear selector.

    Point of No Return:

    For starters i didnt know how low i wanted to go, so i started by cutting off just the part with the wheel and a little from the outer rod. i used a Pipe Cutter i bought from Home Depot, much like this one:

    *note* make sure if you buy one that it is small anough to make full revolutions around your shifter rod assembly. Pep Boys sells a small Performance Tool one that i've used also.

    Now i was left with this:

    curious, i put the boot and shift knob on to see what it looked like:

    ugh, way too high.

    I realized i need to go really low. PLS READ THIS CAREFULLY:

    IF YOU ARE USING A PUSH DOWN TYPE KNOB: you need to make sure you have enough room so that when you depress your shifter to fully rake up and down thru the selections.
    IF YOU ARE USING A REGULAR MANUAL KNOB: you need to buy a knob that is held on with set screws, since obviously threaded type knobs will not work, unless you want to run a die-nut over the rod, which i dont think anyone wants to do. Set the knob on the inner rod, push your brake pedal, push down on your knob and SET THERE. then try raking up and down through the selections

    I dont have any way to tell you how much to cut, since every application will be different, so take off small increments until you are happy.
    I ended up with this:

    I also removed the plate with the letters to allow my boot to "sink in"
    Heres my final product:

    i love using the manual knob because i dont need to use my brake pedal to pull the car down into reverse, or from neutral up to reverse. HOWEVER, i cant recommend this to anyone because im not gonna be responsible for you pushing it into reverse on the interstate

    hope this helps, pm me with any questions Appearance Specialist - PM me with any bodywork questions

    I did a similar set up in my old cb7 with auto tranny, I didn't cut the shifter down but I used a manual shifter boot and the square metal piece it screws right into place. the only problem though is if you manually shift you cb7 like i did the boot got really tight when you pulled it into 1st gear. But yeah write up is really good man, kinda wish i had an auto so i could do it.
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      well thats definetly different lol

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        Hmm very interesting...something to think about after my cb comes out of the shop..
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          Very nice

          Im thinking about doing this but how did you get the shift boot to fit


            Originally posted by 1993hAccord
            Very nice

            Im thinking about doing this but how did you get the shift boot to fit

            the one i bought was elastic all around the bottom, i removed the panel with the P,R,N,D4 etc.... and hooked it around the screw holes for that panel where i could. Im not sure, but i think manual center consoles have screws or something to hold their boots in place, you might be able to source one of those from a member on here and get an oem replacement. Or i think some ebya ones have ties on the bottom. either way, its not hard to make one fit.

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              I was wondering if this shifter would work on an automatic?

              Does anyone have any idea how it could be done?




                It should. There's only 2 kinds of ahift knobs. Ones with a push-button(for automatics) and ones that are just a knob(for manuals). He used a knob meant for manuals, he just made sure he could push it down in order to unlock the rod to move through the gears. Depending on how tall the knob is, no modification may be needed. Plenty of ppl have just slapped on a boot and manual knob.

                BTW '93.....How the hell do you the e-brake handle?!? I cant find that anywhere...

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                Originally posted by Jarrett
                Is there a goal you're trying to accomplish besides looking dope as hell?


                  dude that is sick!!!! im doing that this weekend, how much did the pipe cutter cost you? might change to a manual shift knob too
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                    where did u put the sports button?


                      naw...the sports buttom don't really make a it?

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                        Thanks greencb7inkc,

                        I'll do a little more research and try it out. I'll make sure to share the info find.




                          make sure that whatever manual knob you get uses 3 set-screws on the bottom to hold it on rather than screw-on types. almost all of them at autozone/oreily's/pepboys are the set-screw types, tho.

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                            Nice I love it. Short shit on an autoooo...beautiful.

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                              could you measure how much you cut off of the shifter just so i have an idea of what yo cut
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