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INT : Hidden Engine Immobilizer

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    OMG I want something like this....has anyone did this yet???


      i got something like this in my cb...i have a complete engine immobilizer that i can just hit the button when i get in the car and it gives the ecu juice, and when i either need to clear codes or dont want anyone starting my car lol i push it and no matter how long you sit there cranking the engine wont start bc the ecu isnt awesome
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        Ive seen the ones with specific key fobs needed to start it.

        On the subject of cut-offs, mike, how difficult would it be to set up a tail light cut-oof, like what cops have?? It seems like it would be easy, but im not sure....

        BTW - My dad had a device that used a magnet and when he placed a magnet on this nail that he ahd protruding from the dash, it cut-off the speedo. He saved miles that way, and to see his speed, all he had to was remove the magnet for a sec and put it back on. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

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          Sorry for the thread revival, but i went ahead and made 40 of these complete kits.
          About 15 were installed

          I ran into a issue with the wiring of this:
          the fused 12v+ was not mentioned to be a live feed, but in the case of the diagram, in order for the LED to flash, it needs to be live.
          The problem with it being live, if the car is not a daily driven car, the battery will slowly drain overtime (give or take, anywhere from 2-7 days)

          My fix was to not use the LED, but it still kept draining regardless of the coil being pulled in the relay or not

          With this kill switch, i recommend losing remote start

          The fix:
          Do not use the toggle switch, instead wire it directly to earth
          Do not use the fused 12v+ directly to battery, but to the kick panel where power is only supplied when key is in ignition

          Doing so will break the circuit (auto arm)
          Every time key is in the on position, power is supplied to the relay, then you have to toggle the reed switch before turning on the car.

          Any questions, PM me so i can remember to reply to thread, lol
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            Sweet! I didn't know anyone had actually gone through with this!


              I wanted to use an iButton or similar device. I still may use one.

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