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INT: Camera Mount from things around the house

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    INT: Camera Mount from things around the house

    This is a camera mount made from things I found around the house.
    The original idea was from the $10 camera mount but that seemed like a lot of excess work and a tad over engineered.

    Equipment needed:
    3/4" square piece of wood or metal or larger.
    3/8" drill bit
    Paint or Stain (optional)
    Sandpaper (if using wood)
    Pencil, Pen, or Marker

    FIRST: Find a rod, I used a piece of 3/4" square pine rod. Any piece of wood or metal big enough in diameter to hold any weight and have 3/8" holes drilled in it.

    SECOND: Go out to your car set it on the top of your passenger seat and see how you want it to sit, I chose to have it go just past the end of the headrest towards the door and extend to about 4" short of the drivers seat towards the center.

    THIRD: After marking how long you want it, mark off the places for the headrest bars to go through, I just eyeballed it by setting the headrest bars against the rod but you might want to measure.

    FOURTH: Cut it to length, and using a 3/8" drill bit, drill your holes for the headrest bars. If you drill your holes slightly crooked like I did you can get a sandpaper bit or grinding bit from a rotary tool bit set and use it to make the holes a bit larger.

    FIFTH: Make sure it fits onto the headrest bars, then put it in the car and make sure it is where you want it to be. Then take it back and using your 3/8" drill bit again drill a hole towards the end for a camera to mount up. If long enough you could also drill another hole closer to the passenger seat for a second camera if you desire.

    SIXTH: If using wood, using sandpaper smooth down all rough edges. I mainly worked on the corners, two ends, and around the holes. If using metal just make sure you don't have any too sharp corners and smooth them down with whatever works

    SEVENTH: If using wood, you should now have a smooth rod with 3 - 4 holes in it. At this stage you are ready to install it or paint it or stain it if desired. If using metal you should have 3 - 4 holes and can leave it as is or paint it. I chose a nice cherry stain that I had laying around the house from a previous project.

    EIGHTH: If you stained it or painted it, let it dry out and then install it.

    What mine looks like:

    do not worry, 3/8" holes are big enough for the bars to go through, mine just turned out kind of crooked so I used a sanding bit to straighten them enough for the bars to pass through and it's a snug fit on the bars so it doesn't slip on and off but isn't hard to move either.

    cool i just ordered a camcorder i might have to do this before i ht up the twisties again

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      to make it steadier, you could use some rubber grommets or some rubber strip wrapped around the bars.

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        Originally posted by steelbluesleepR
        to make it steadier, you could use some rubber grommets or some rubber strip wrapped around the bars.
        x2. Need something to absorb the vibrations. Customlowz has a DIY on this too but his is using steel.

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