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INT: Stealth/Hidden Alarm Remote Starter w/ Manual Trans

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    INT: Stealth/Hidden Alarm Remote Starter w/ Manual Trans

    This will be updated over the next week when I have time to work on the car

    Why install/buy a car security system

    The main idea is to make your car less of a target. Out of two identical cars in an parking lot a thief is less likely to risk breaking into the one with the alarm. You have spent all this money on audio and performance and need something to back it up. If done correctly you car will be ALMOST impossible to steal.
    Also you can save some money or your insurance, have the convenience of keyless entry/ trunk pop and worry less about whats going on with your car.

    Install is the most import part of car security. A bad install can make it almost easier for a theif to steal your car. You want everything to look as factory as possible.

    Two-way or One- way alarm

    A two way alarm allows two-way communication between you and your car. You can check the status of your car, generally have better range and will know if your alarm is going off if you are within range. Cost is the main deterrent from going with a two-way system.

    As for brand I recommend Directed Electronics (Viper, Python, Clifford, etc.)
    Other decent brands would be
    Compustar Currently replacing.. Good system ... .Huge brain

    "bad" brands
    CodeAlarm (partial Audiovox depending on time it was made)

    What will be going in my car

    DEI Python 990 2-Way Security System / Remote Start System with Responder SST Technology (Same as the Viper 5900)

    DEI 520t Backup Battery System
    Protect your car if a thief were to pop you hook and disconnect your battery. (extremely easy on this car)

    DEI 508d Dual Zone Motion Sensor
    If you leave your windows open or want to use it to replace a glass break sensor this is the way to go. Downside would be they are tricky to calibrate and sometimes temperamental

    DEI 689 M (A) Neutral Safety Module For Manual Transmissions
    This Module allows safe installation of a remote starter on a car with a manual transmission. It works by using a sequence of events to confirm the car is in neutral before allow the car to start.

    Code Alarm TKRS1 Trunk Release Solenoid
    Allows you to pop the trunk with a push of the button. You can also disconnect the factory trunk pop lever for more security
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    WORD too big bird.

    Keep us updated home boi
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      i bet you i can still steal your car


        How much did all of that cost you?
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          Originally posted by ilovemycb7
          How much did all of that cost you?

          I'm definitely looking forward to seeing this install. I wanna do it too, most likely this winter. Good luck and take lots of pictures!


            I got it directly from DEI so it was pretty inexpensive . . ..



            back up battery - $90
            508d prox. sensor - $65
            NSS - $100+
            Trunk relase- around $30
            Python 990 - $550 with basic install

            So im guessing it would be around $900 installed if you had it installed in a shop and paid retail...

            But if you trust ebay for something like this prices should be alot cheaper and you save alot if you do it yourself
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              Hmm.... my BF said...just take the coil wire and #1 spark plug wire in the house at night!

              that sounds like too much work...every night opening the hood to take off wires...I think someone would catch wind to that!