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INT: DIY Tweeter Pods a la Bang&Olufsen

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    INT: DIY Tweeter Pods a la Bang&Olufsen

    Here's a little DIY for pods if you are not comfortable cutting gaping holes in the door trim.

    What you'll need:

    Ping Pong balls (that's right!)
    Circle stencil
    Insulation Tape
    Sharp Knife / Scalpel
    Sand Paper roughly 500 grade
    Dremel + drills
    Flat/Matt Black Paint
    Steady Hand and a good eye


    Now this is what I did:

    First, take your tweeter without any casing and measure its diameter to see how much of the pingpong ball needs to be cut off.
    Then put the ball through a stencil and mark off the cut with a sharp pencil:

    Next, cut along the line as carefully as possible to make sure the fit later is as perfect as possible:

    I did get the cut imperfect, so I sanded the edge down on sand paper, holding the ball so that it wouldn't flex making the edge/plane warped.

    Mark a screw hole with a pencil, judging the position by eye. In my case, it later turned out it had to be a little further away from the 'top' by some 1cm (~1/3in).

    Now take an appropriately thick drill (match against the screw you'll be using), and using slow rpm on a dremel, drill the hole. The ball is very soft so it'll take 1/2 a second.

    Make the same hole on the other ball, and a hole for the wiring at the 'top' of each one. BTW it is a good idea to work on both sides simultaneously.

    Take the tweeter and wrap some insulation tape around it so that it goes in better and fills any holes between the tweeter and the cut edge. You can add tape to make up for a hole that's too big.

    Paint the balls with black paint (after cleaning and drying) and let dry, repeating the process several times.
    Then run the wires through the top/centre hole.

    ...and the same for the other side. (I decided against the grommets between the ball and panel)

    Now this is where I was a fool and took pics without my card in my camera, so...
    What you see here is the mirror interior panel with the speaker screwed in.
    The way to do that is to place the ball against the panel with the door closed, place a pencil mark firmly through the offset hole in the ball, and then take the panel off.
    Drill the mounting hole just so wide that it holds the mounting screw (just visible here) tightly.
    Place the panels back to back and make marks for the two holes on the other panel.
    Drill the other holes - this way they'll be identically positioned.
    Now run the wires through the panel.
    Take a screw, put a small grommet on it, and with the ball against the panel, screw the screw in.
    Now push the tweeter in gently, while pulling the wire in completely, and this is what you should be left with:

    This is what it looks like in full view.

    And with the door closed

    Bang&Olufsen for $5 total hehe.



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    Originally posted by xprojectcb7x
    why would you think people at auto zone would know what they were talking about?
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      Nice diy man, well done
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        I did see your DIY, byc_cb7 and I do like it, but i didn't have swiveling tweeters - in your proposed configuration, the pods I had would either point the tweeters behind the driver/passanger or straight at the other door...
        And I just couldn't see myself putting a big hole through the door trim, especially knowing the price of one (not many cb7s around EU, so junkyard out of the question) if I messed up.

        Maybe this looks complicated, but in reality it took me 15 minutes each day after work to arrive at what I've shown. I'd say 2h work total.



          Wow, that's very nice and VERY creative. Just the sort of thinking I like to see 2
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            that looks really good. about how long would you say this would take from beginning to end?


              well done! for creativity with the pingpong balls..


                I did same thing put didnt need to use ping pong balls. The tweeters came with pods already.

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                  most baller thing you can do with two pingpong balls

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                    props man that looks great! they move much when u cloase the doors and whatnot???

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                      as far as movement goes... i'd say you'd be able to scuff the balls and panel up so that some bondo could adhere and you could form a base for it? but don't quote me on that.. off to the dollar store.
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                      Originally posted by deevergote
                      Don't forget to cut holes in the box. Someone sent me a dead hooker one time, and that wasn't cool.
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                        haha yea i kno whatcha mean..ill probably use gorilla glue or something. well i really wanna do this i love the idea that i dont gotta tear into my door panel =D ima see what kinda tweeters i can find tomorow on my lunch break! mobile music here i come

                        8 Accords so far:
                        '81 SE Sedan(1st Gen), '83 SE Sedan(2nd Gen), '89 SE Sedan(3rd Gen)
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                          good effort. thats so jdm.


                          i just put my tweets in the defroster vents to avoid having ugly tweets on my doors. i hate seeing tweeters. sounds great also, the glass diffuses the tweeters some so they are not as bright and also disperses the sound across the dash creating an excellent sound stage.

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                            Glad you all enjoy this. I did - thinking up of this, and making it.

                            Leung - As I said, I'd give it some 2h start to finish. These balls are quite soft so they're easy to work with, so if you've got all tools and materials at hand, there you go

                            Alex13mod - I did have pods with the speaker/tweeter package, but they just fitted nicely... nowhere

                            F22Cb7Rid3r - no, inf fact I'm quite amazed to see them stay on there so nicely. Closing and opening the door isn't an issue because they're meant to clear the dash and A-pillar by some 0.5cm (something under 1/4in) and they're close to the door's pivot point, so little overall movemen/inertia.
                            Only if you poke at them do they flex, but not too much. I did tighten the screw in so that it would hold well (first I put a grommet on for pressure on the inside of the ball)

                            Shay91Racer - I know where you're heading with this. Could work. I personally liked the screw mounting better because it only goes through at the point where the ball meets the panel - ergo a clean mounting. Also, this is a mechanical rather than chemical fixing, so I say 100% sure.
                            Make sure your bondo doesn't come into a reaction with the ball (celluloid - nitrocellulose and camphor)

                            UrDoneSRH - lol, I'd say this is DKDM or Dutch Domestic Market (Bang & Olufsen are Dutch) :P
                            I did consider the vent location, but I live temporarily in the UK (with my LHD in a RHD world) and need max output in this damp country.




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