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ABS: diagnosis ABS light

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  • Tippey764
    Originally posted by JaberCB7 View Post
    thanks for this, but sadly i thought this was for the actuall abs system. my light turns on after 5mins of driving
    What do you mean? This is for the abs system? I copied this stright out of the OEM honda manual for our cars

    The abs light will always come on after driving its never " always on ". my brothers car has a sensor cut right off and the light still dosent come on untill you move the car down the street.

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  • JaberCB7
    thanks for this, but sadly i thought this was for the actuall abs system. my light turns on after 5mins of driving

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  • blackfoedoecb7
    My abs light didnt flash when I did this. My abs light stays on all the time and I got a bad leak that something in the abs system is causing.

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  • DJ metadelic
    Wow man, this is great! I'm gonna copy and paste this shit for sure.


    ...too bad my ABS dummy light's on already though...well it goes away after I shut the car off, but I think I need a new sensor on the pass. side

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  • Tippey764
    started a topic ABS: diagnosis ABS light

    ABS: diagnosis ABS light

    1. If your check engine light is on, start by going to your passenger side kickpanel.
    There should be a blue connector w/2 wires to it like the one pictured below.

    Put a paper clip, wire, connector in it to connect the two prongs.

    2. Put the key in the ignition, and turn the key 2 clicks to the acc on, where all the lights light up on the dash.

    3. You will now watch how many times the ABS light blinks.

    4. Compare to this list to see what the problem is:

    Long blink = 10 short blink = 1

    Code 1 - Problematic componet; Other Componet

    Code 10 - Pump motor Over-Run; Pressure switch
    Code 12 - Pump motor circuit problem; Motor relay unit fuse Motor fuse
    Code 13 - High pressure leakage; Solenoid
    Code 14 - Pressure switch
    Code 18 - Accumulator gas leakage

    Code 21 - Parking brake switch-related problem; Brake fluid level switch, BRAKE light

    Code 31 - Front right Pulser
    Code 32 - Front left Pulser
    Code 34 - Rear right and left Pulser

    Code 41 - Front right speed sensor
    Code 42 - Front left speed sensor
    Code 44 - Rear right speed sensor
    Code 48 - Rear left speed sensor

    Code 50 - Rear left and right speed sensors; Modulator
    Code 54 - Rear right speed sensor; Modulator
    Code 58 - Rear left speed sensor; Modulator

    Code 60 - Fail safe relay ( short ) Front or rear fail-safe relay
    Code 61 - Fail safe relay ( short ) Front fail-safe relay
    Code 64 - Fail safe relay ( short ) Rear fail-safe relay

    Code 71 - Solenoid related problem ( open ) Front right; ABS B3 fuse
    Code 72 - Solenoid related problem ( open ) Front left; ABS B1 fuse, Front fail-safe relay
    Code 74 - Solenoid related problem ( open ) Rear left and right right; Rear fail-safe relay

    Thank you aero for the layout and the CEL plug picture.

    Hope this helps everone