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Tips for Moving a Car by Yourself

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    Tips for Moving a Car by Yourself

    A few tips for moving a dead car by yourself. I had to get creative to move my wrecked 92 EX into the garage from my slightly sloping driveway. I had to lift the wrecked right front corner on my floor jack, but I certainly wasn't strong enough to push the car and guide the jack.

    To gain leverage to roll the car (I was moving it backward), I used a 36 mm socket on the left axle nut, a 1/2 drive ratchet, and a two foot cheater bar to rotate the wheel. The leverage of the bar made it relatively easy to roll the car (vs. straight pushing). Because it was on a slope, I used a piece of 2x4 as a chock in front of the tire each time I moved it.

    When I got to the small ledge (1/2-3/4 inch high) at the edge of the garage floor, I couldn't get the wheels up that. I raised the rear tires/wheels off the ground and put pieces of 2 x 10 under the tires to raise them above the level of the garage floor so I was then easily able to roll it off the boards onto the garage floor. Did this again when the front wheels and jack got to the edge of the garage floor.

    Also had to deal with the wheels of the jack sticking in the grooves in the driveway. I used scraps of 1/8" hardboard under the jack to get over those.
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