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SUSP: Front Upper Strut Bar Install

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    SUSP: Front Upper Strut Bar Install

    Installing a Front Upper Strut Bar

    Our Accords could all use a little bit better handling, and a strut bar is just the thing to help. The strut bar of choice for us was a $25 AIR Type S strut bar, a cheap knock-off brand you can get from ebay. Other strut bars may have a different install method.

    Required Materials:
    15mm Socket Wrench

    1. Remove bolts on the strut assembly
    Remove the three bolts on the top of the strut assembly, pictured below: (located at the top left and top right of the engine compartment)

    2. Put strut bar in place
    After you have removed the bolts, put the strut bar in place. Screw the bolts back in.

    3. Testing
    Take your car out for a drive in a parking lot and see how it handles, to get a feel for it.

    * Considerations:
    - You get what you pay for. We didn't feel a difference at all with the cheap-o brand strut bar we got, but we noticed a difference when we tried a Neuspeed strut bar.

    (credit goes to ottycack for this great DIY)
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