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2nd, Non-CL hub option for ROH/Big Brake Swap!

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    2nd, Non-CL hub option for ROH/Big Brake Swap!

    I didn't take as many pics if this as I should have but it's pretty self explanatory.

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    To start off, I know CL hubs are the way to go, I have gone that route, but I have reasons for not going that route this time that are as follows.
    1) I had a car that had gotten a real good alignment right before I took possession of it and I'm a cheap bastard.
    2) The car was extremely well cared for and I don't want to put anything on the car that isn't in as good of shape or better (ideally brand new or nothing), or to take anything original off the car if I don't have to.
    3) to see if another source for CL hubs or an alternative not requiring the knuckle to be swapped could be found because I was frustrated at not being able to find any CL hubs or being too late to the junkyard to get them before someone else got them because work takes up so much time.

    Parts Required!
    -98-02 Honda Accord Spindles/Hubs/Whatever (I used Timken PN HA590693K, but other options exist)
    -98-99 Acura CL V6 Rotors
    -25t Caliper(s)/brackets (odyssey, Wagon, 94-97 Accord v6 etc, many people say 23t brackets work. I bought odyssey stuff one time, one bracket was a 23t one was a 25t, the 23t ran into the rotor, I had to go back and get a 25t bracket so they matched)
    -new CB7 front wheel bearings
    -new pads of your choice

    The CG hub is almost identical to a CL hub, but is 2mm in diameter too large to fit in a CB bearing. I found a local machine shop that chucked the hubs up in a lathe and machined them down. This cost me $120 for them to do. I pressed them into my new Timken bearings, and put them on my car, the 25t caliper brackets straddle the CL v6 rotors dead center (and would straddle the 2.3L rotors just the same by extension if you wanted to keep small brakes for some reason.) I slapped my new pads in, bled the new calipers, and had a beer.

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    Good write up. Are these parts readily available do you know? ie: the 23t caliper bracket
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      This is very good innovation for upgrading to the CL hubs seeing as they are becoming increasingly rare these days.