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    Originally posted by scudweiser View Post
    ooooo 2" DOM??

    looks cool, let us know if it noticeably stiffens the chassis afterwards. remember to round off the edges of the mounting plates so it wont act as a can opener in a crash and tear youe unibody a new asshole just a suggestion in general to people who may follow this idea up, but it seems like you got it all down already.
    Not the first Time I build a cage altho it is the first time I build one at home in my driveway. Feels weird not using my shops tools.


      what are you using to weld them together? mig?


        Llooks like a mig. Usually people use that since its faster and penetrates pretty well. Tig does too but takes a while lol.

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          Originally posted by rvaldez0781 View Post
          what are you using to weld them together? mig?
          I'm using MIG, Since it is for my personal vehicle I don't care too much how the welds look as long as the penetration is there

          I will have more pictures up when I have a Chance to work on it, dealing with customers cars on a daily basis doesn't want to make you work on yours


            Suscribing to this, always wanted a cage in the CB.

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              looks like some good work man! just looking at the pictures i was going to say you should definately box or plate the end of the hoop, as well as tie it in with 2 or more points to the rear, but after reading i realized you had it covered!

              Originally posted by slick View Post
              there was an episode of trucks they heated the shit out of the bar and had made a wooden jig so when the metal was hot enough they could just bend it around the shape they wanted
              yes, but those guys are idiots.

              adding that much heat to a steel tube without proper heat-treating afterward weakens the hell out of it.

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