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roll cage with square tubing

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    roll cage with square tubing

    hey i was wondering if any one has used or seen any square tube roll cages? we have so much square tubing at work that gets turned into scrap its crazy. I think it would be easier for me to weld up than if i were to use round tube. I have also thought about making x braces and other misc. to stiffen up the chassis.

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    square tubing is only strong in 4 directions, round tubing is the same strength in every direction. round is also much lighter than square for equal strength. it works for braces and such, because those mostly need just tensile strength as opposed to torsional or shear strength, but you should not use it on a roll cage. also, the square tubing has corners which your skull wouldnt like very much if they met each other in an accident.

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      Also, I don't think that square tubing would satisfy the requirements of any sanctioning body's safety regulations.
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