We're back, and better than ever!

Hey everyone. Weíre back!

We spent the last few weeks getting our software upgraded from 2005-spec vBulletin to this shiny, new version. For the first time in half your CB7ís life, is running up to date forum software! 😃
We sought to keep the same general feel, along with our beloved black and orange color scheme. You may see some things changing here and there as we make some aesthetic tweaks, but all should be running smoothly now.

In addition to looking all fancy, this new version should be extremely mobile friendly. Hopefully that will make it more enjoyable for those of you that do most of their browsing on their phone!

Pandemic and cp[mike] literally busted their asses over the last couple of weeks to make this new software a reality. Without them, this never would have happened.

So, welcome back!
Feel free to ask any questions, give us your observations, and offer suggestions (no promises on implementing anything, but who knows!) There's a post for discussion in the Beginner OT section of the site.
Also, if you experience any weird errors, please let us know ASAP. We tested everything pretty thoroughly, but Iím certain we havenít squashed all the bugs just yet.

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Common Media Downloads Info can be found in here. PLEASE READ HERE FIRST

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    Common Media Downloads Info can be found in here. PLEASE READ HERE FIRST

    Welcome to the Media Downloads Sub forum.
    This Sub forum is the place where all CB7 videos/audio, desktop wallpaper, and image downloads are posted!

    First things first, We assume ALL of you have read the rules.
    If you make a thread / post that goes against the rules, it will be dealt with accordingly. The rules can be seen by clicking the link below. Forum rules, PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND HERE FIRST

    3 Rules:

    1. ALL media in each of these subforums, whether wallpaper, videos, or images - should be of STRICTLY CB7s!

    2. NO BROKEN LINKS! They will be checked often, and if they are broken - The entire thread will be deleted.

    3. EVERY post MUST contain a link to a download. DO NOT create threads ABOUT a video or piece of media - like for discussion. Those threads should be posted in off topic.

    Quick link:

    Embedded Video in Posts
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