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    I take it this general section is for any cars, while the sub-forums are the ones that are CB-only? I do a lot of car photography when I can; I'll get up some shots of this year's Tuner Mayhem at Bandimere Speedway soon.

    Concours d'Elegance 2013
    Littleton, CO
    June 9, 2013

    You can check out the full gallery on my Flickr I just set up, but here are some favorites from the show:

    Shelby GT. I'm a huge Mustang fan, and if I were to get any fifth-gen - money no object - this would be the one.

    This Shelby Mustang GT350S is the 1966 prototype supercharged GT350 and the first Shelby Mustang to be painted a color other than Wimbledon White. It is the only GT350-S made by Shelby American.
    This Cobra, one of only two in the world, was built for autocross and high performance street driving. It was set up for SCCA racing in the late 1960's and eventually became a vintage race car. A restoration was recently completed using the original body with an oil cooler scoop and early 289 competition flares added as a nod to its early race years.

    I wouldn't actually want to own one... but it's gorgeous and makes a glorious noise. You can't not like it.

    Porsche was the featured marque this year.

    The only supercar I wouldn't want to wear a paper bag on my head if I owned one.

    S2000 SCCA racer

    I was making my rounds through the show, trying to do it in an orderly fashion to make sure I saw everything when this popped up in the corner of my vision. Had to run over and see it. Merc 190E 2.5 16... Cosworth! These cars were originally created with the intention of racing in WRC Group B rallying, but then Audi came out with the all-wheel-drive Quattro that dominated everything, and then Group B cars got so fast they were killing drivers and spectators and the whole program was shut down. So these (well, the Evolution models) were used as Touring Car racers.

    Lola T70 Mk3 B

    A legit Lotus Seven. The blue one is a Caterham, the popular replica that you can either buy complete or as a kit and build yourself.

    C 63 Black Series

    McLaren 722 Edition

    A Golf and a Jetta VR6 Coupe

    Kit cars. The grey one has a new 5.0 in it.

    Jaguar C-type. While it's not "real," it is an exact recreation with the exception of the all-carbon fiber body.


    Jaguar's new F-type. F****** gorgeous.

    AMC Javelin AMX

    Fairly large group of NSXs. While the one in the background is supposedly a rare original black-and-white car, the Type-R parts are all Seibon.

    GT40 replica

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    I would do unspeakable things for that Diablo...



      Now, for some more... relevant photos. This event was the same day as the Concours, and throughout both my camera was on an auto setting I didn't notice until that night. It's more obvious here, so I apologize for the horrible quality.

      IDRC Street Tuner Mayhem
      Bandimere Speedway, Morrison, CO
      June 9, 2013

      Full album here.

      This Supra's actually local to my town.

      The guy completely fumbled off the line...

      ... then picked it back up and still knocked out a ten-second run. Insanity.

      Went there with a couple local members. Here's our own 91cbseven

      Super clean car, I do really like this thing.

      Stock auto.

      Old school rules.

      There were actually quite a few R35s there, I was surprised. If I remember right, this one was in the 10s as well.

      Curious setup from local PFI Speed (the guys who will be tuning my engine). We didn't know what to think of this odd intake charge pipe routing.

      Cool Saab Sonett

      Even cooler 4G-swapped Mirage. Looks like an Evo 3 front end, too!

      Beautiful Cressida


      Takumi Fujiwara was in attendance

      Honda Z

      This DC2 was by far the cleanest car at the show - at least from what I saw before taking off to squeeze in Concours before work. I hope this show wasn't at all representative of Colorado's import/Honda scene; it's kinda sad.
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        Good work on the phots, came out very sharp! No david, this is not representativ eof the import scene. You need to seriously go to one of thos NationWide meets, it's insanity the number of people that show up. Ask JC, he's been to it, it's pretty eye opening how many people show up.


          Originally posted by koslauj View Post
          Good work on the phots, came out very sharp! No david, this is not representativ eof the import scene. You need to seriously go to one of thos NationWide meets, it's insanity the number of people that show up. Ask JC, he's been to it, it's pretty eye opening how many people show up.
          They are pretty crazy, we should definitely meet up and go to one soon. Maybe the next couple of weeks. Still have to do that BBQ.

          David those pictures are great! Thanks for taking those 4 of my car too!



            Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 2010
            Colorado Springs(ish), CO
            June 27, 2010

            Yes, keep in mind this is from a few years ago - it's not this year's event. You'll notice sections of the track are still gravel. I still had my Accord back then (drove it to the event), it didn't even have the H22 yet. What sucks is that I slept so little the night before because I had to be up early enough to drive two hours to get there before they closed the road at something like 7 or 8am. After a while I went to sit in my car, but fell asleep and missed a nice chunk of contenders.

            I felt like sharing these; my hard drive recently fried and I lost a lot of original photos, so I've been going through all the edited ones I had saved online.

            Full Gallery

            Lol... \m/ Slayer! \m/

            100mph and no guard rail

            I don't know how I feel about the road being completely paved now. On one hand, it means I can enjoy it in my own car (I'll post those photos next time) - that dirt was potholed to hell! But at the same time it ruins a lot of the fun of the race, with the cars previously having to be set up to handle both tarmac and the poor traction of the dirt. Ten minutes was a huge deal, and now Loeb comes along and breaks eight no sweat.

            The Monster himself, Nobuhiro Tajima. This is the car I came to see; I grew up playing the Gran Turismo video games - I'm still addicted, actually - and his Suzuki Hill Climb Special was always one of my favorites.

            The helicopter chasing Rhys Millen in his "Hyundai"

            A friend of mine used to have an S10. I miss that thing, it was a fun little truck. Seeing this kinda makes me want to build a fast minitruck.


              Man...and I REALLY wanted to hit up Pikes Peak, I leave today to go back home to NH, I came out here with Accrdwgnguy and his gf to visit a friend of theirs.

              Colorado has some KILLER views though and we went out to Canon City to this truck yard he had told me about...I found two rare trucks in that Isuzu and a Chevy Luv.

              Isuzu was a complete truck minus a few trim peices, broken windshield and hood the steering wheel and transmission though.

              Panoramic shot

              I hope you dont mind contributiong to your auto thread.

              I plan on coming back to Colorado in a few months to visit a good friend of mine in Denver. I wished I had made to Pikes Peak, I did get to check out the Garden of the Gods and that was very cool.
              Henry R
              1992 Accord LX R.I.P
              1993 Accord EX OG since 'o3
              Legend FSM

              'You see we human beings are not born with prejudices, always they are made for us,
              made by someone who wants something' -1943 US War Department video


                I don't mind the contribution at all; interesting photos like those are always cool to see (read: anyone who has something cool to share, feel free!). I take it you share my desire to 'rescue' cars when you go to junkyards and see ones like that?

                When I first moved here, we checked out the Garden of the Gods and Cave of the Winds. I don't remember the Garden so much, but the Cave right near there was pretty cool.

                Here are those more recent shots I said I'd share. I normally don't care to acknowledge my birthday, but I figured since I'm now a quarter-century old I'd... have lunch at 14,000 ft. I enjoyed it anyway, it was pretty cool sitting up at the peak and taking in that epic view. It cost me exactly one full tank of gas to get my from my house up in Fort Collins, to the peak, and back home. Next summer I'll have to go up Mt Evans.

                Pikes Peak Road Trip
                Colorado Springs(ish), CO
                May 28, 2013

                Couldn't help myself here, I love my car! And yes, that is a CB7Tuner sticker on my DC5's rear window, along with one for The Chronicles:

                I love this next photo, I'll have to go back when my Accord is 'complete' and try to get it in a magazine with a similar shot:

                That trip killed my brakes, but, as ever, I took it as excuse to upgrade!

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                  Isn't this the peak that they hold motorcycle races. i'm pretty sure when your car is in the picture on that corner there is alot of motorcycle crashes there. Not sure just looks familair. Anyways nice job with the shots and nice car as well.


                    I don't know about any dedicated bike events, but various styles of motorcycles do compete in the annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb - there are actually several classes of vehicles that do, including semi truck cabs.

                    And thanks!

                    *ED. - Spotted this last night. I usually don't have to work until late in the day, so I tend to sleep in. So I got up (2pm, lol) and went out to run errands, taking the main strip through town. All these Porsches were going the other way, I was wondering what was going on. Saw a 996 GT3, some old 956s... then I reached the Porsche dealer and there was a show just letting out! . I suppose that's why this guy was in town; he came cruising through the parking lot at my work while I was out on break.

                    997 GT3 RS

                    Old phone, no flash and very slow shutter speed, sorry.
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                      Well if I had the means to do so Id totally save that truck. Where did you move to Colorado from?

                      Man Pikes looks like it has a killer view though

                      Im assuming there's a lot of braking involved when coming down hill?

                      Henry R
                      1992 Accord LX R.I.P
                      1993 Accord EX OG since 'o3
                      Legend FSM

                      'You see we human beings are not born with prejudices, always they are made for us,
                      made by someone who wants something' -1943 US War Department video


                        I've lived in San Diego, CA (ghetto); Alameda, CA (feels like "home" in my heart ); and Sioux Falls, SD (alright but boring). I've been trying to get a place with a friend lately, out of my current town of Fort Collins (killer city, but after getting notoriety from Maxim and Time, everyone and their mom is moving here), but still in Colorado. I love this state. It's looking like I'll be settled within a couple weeks though, so I can start putting real money into my H22!

                        And, yes, lots of braking. They tell you at the base of the mountain that you should avoid stopping on the way up, and save all the sight-seeing for the downhill trip to save your brakes. I did the opposite and turned my rear disc purple; hence why I did the upgrade. They've got a halfway point where it's mandatory to stop on the decline so they can check the temperature of your brakes.
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                          Looks like a fun trip!
                          "Self Renewed"


                            Now, for some American iron:

                            Old Town Car Show
                            Ft Collins, CO
                            June 7, 2013


                            '46 Ford Super Deluxe

                            '66 Olds 442

                            La Salle... no given info on year or model

                            I didn't know there was a Cabrio 944, I like it. Black chrome wheels are all the rage these days, it seems.

                            '52 Chevy & '30 Ford Model A

                            '61 Nash Metropolitan

                            '55 Chevy 210

                            I'm guessing this is a custom body? I overheard a guy saying it has a Mustang straight-6

                            '60 Impala

                            Not a fan, but it's interesting


                            '39 Olds Series 80

                            '50 Chevy

                            '56 Chevy 210

                            1st & 2nd-gen Camaros

                            '40 Ford Deluxe with a Chevy 350


                            Bugatti Veyron

                            '59 Olds Dynamic 88

                            '41 Crosley

                            '53 Kaiser Manhattan

                            '03 Cadillac Rear Entrance Tonneau

                            '57 DeSoto FireFlite

                            '70 Dodge Dart Swinger 350


                            '57 Chevy Cameo

                            '86 Citroen 2CV

                            '64 Morgan Plus 4

                            '37 Chevy

                            '30 Ford A

                            '29 Ford A

                            '48 Chevy

                            '65 Chevelle

                            '52 Ford F-1

                            '35 Plymouth

                            Think it's real?

                            '32 Ford

                            At this point the battery in my camera died and I had to break out the phone...

                            '57 Buick 8-57

                            '31 Hupmobile-Skylark

                            '66 Honda Benly

                            '63 Willys

                            '69 Olds Cutlass

                            '74 Toyota Land Cruiser

                            '89 Buick Reatta

                            '51 Plymouth Cambridge

                            '73 Plymouth Road Runner

                            '47 Chevy

                            '56 Chevy Delivery


                            '48 Ford


                            '59 Triumph TR3A

                            Hudson... '49ish Commodore?


                              Ford show in Denver today. Part 1 of 2: