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    I'll take one of each please.
    FSAE (F Series Accord Enthusiasts) ..."A dying breed thats taking it to the next level" Lucky #13
    MR Thread:


      Part 2 of 2:

      This first one I'd actually never heard of before. It's a Ford Python, many of which were actually built here in Fort Collins, CO, which was supposed to serve as something of a new generation of Shelby Cobra. About twelve were built altogether, with seven known to still exist.

      This is an SN95 Cobra in a rare factory "Mystic" paint. It's a color-shift, like Nissan's famous Midnight Purple series, but Ford is extremely protective of it. If you need a scratch repair or something, a guy from Ford corporate is sent out with a can of paint, verifies that your Cobra is in fact a Mystic chassis, and any paint not used is sent back to Ford with the guy. I can only assume he breaks out a big chrome pen-light to flash your memory clear of the whole event.