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** VIDEO OF A 10 SECOND CB7!!! **

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    ** VIDEO OF A 10 SECOND CB7!!! **

    now that i've gotten your attention.. i was wondering if you have seen all of the videos in this forum? there are at least 50 (2-3 pages of threads), if not more. you might not be able to see all 50 threads though, if they haven't had posts in awhile.

    SO - always remember that in this forum especially, you need to set your thread view age to "from the beginning".

    you can set this by checking underneath of the last thread in the media forum. there will be a selection box with a downwards arrow next to it:

    ...showing threads (check box)...sorted by (check box).... in (check box)...order, from (THE BEGINNING)

    otherwise, you will probably only see about 6 videos... when there are really about 50.

    the reason this is, is because if the thread hasn't gotten any posts in it in over a month... and you've set your default thread view age to within the last 30 days - then it's only going to show you threads that have been active (getting posts) within the last month.

    if you would like to change this permanently. go to 'user cp' at the top right hand corner of the forum (it's the little blue button next to the rest of them). then go to the 'options' tab. when you are in the 'options' area, find where it says 'Default Thread View:'. make the box next to it read 'show all threads'.

    this will make sure that from that point on... each forum you visit will show you all threads EVER created (replies or no replies).

    this also goes for the other forums (member rides, diys, etc.).

    just some FYI for those who don't know.