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LC teaser and first gear

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    LC teaser and first gear

    Hello all, I have finally gotten time to play with wot tuning on my setup.

    My current launch control setup on Neptune.

    Here a little teaser video.


    H22a Stock internals
    Stock JDM header
    stock cat
    60mm cat back
    magnaflow muffler
    ebay 2.7" SRI
    Euro-R Intake manifold
    PBT 74-68mm TB
    RDX 410 CC injectors
    Walbro 255 lph fuel pump

    Stock ex wheels
    Crappy tires that came on the wheels when I pulled them out of a junkyard

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    201 Whp H22a with bolt ons, see the progress from stock f22a to now HERE

    You might try setting the rev limit a little lower. I know I can't launch mine (163 whp, don't remember my torque offhand) that high without tearing the tires up, and it looks like you are too. I'd drop it down to 2500 and see if you get a better launch. Tirespin is the enemy!


      Launch contol

      The launch control is mph and rpm based, so it helps prevent this. If you watch the video you can see that after I let out the clutch, the launch control hits at 4000 rpm, notices I am not at 18mph yet, and hits it again, until I am at 18mph, which is about the speed I should be at at 4000 rpm in first.

      This offers two huge benefits. First it obviously prevents just spinning to red line, and second since power is temporarily cut to the wheels it allows you to possibly regain static friction.

      I would like to point out, that I am not spinning my tires at the top end, I am fully engaged and actually accelerating.

      Engaging launch control at lower rpm's does not do me any good, because when I engage I will be below my power band, also I am not really spinning my tires that long, shorter then most individuals I have seen launching.

      201 Whp H22a with bolt ons, see the progress from stock f22a to now HERE


        I understand it controls the throttle until you hit whatever mph it's set for, but I'm talking about the rpm limit it hits. Any tire spin is a bad thing, they say the best launch makes the tires chirpchirpchirpchirchirp because it's right at the edge of losing traction. Is it lurching during that 0-18 run, or just constant spin?

        If you can adjust the rpm level and the mph level, you might try backing them down to 3000 ish and maybe 15 mph. I know a guy that had his set for 10 mph on his H swapped Accord and it seemed to work well for him.

        Just observation and suggestion.


          Sounds really healthy..
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            nice indeed! im having vtec withdrawls with my car out of commission
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              sounds good. i dont no a whole lot about launch control and setups, but if i did have 1 ill have it set low to like 2k, so i have minimum tire spin of the line
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