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ATX Accord Video - Summer '05

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    ATX Accord Video - Summer '05

    Well its about time that I produced a new video of my CB7, especially after doing the 5 speed conversion. This one is shorter than most of my other past videos, but its good content and quality. Thanks to member DUNKiNUTS for assisting with the camera work

    : Specs
    Length: 1:23
    File Size: 10 MB
    Format: Windows Media

    VIEW HERE (right click, save-as please!!)

    and he does it yet again...
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      oh yea i hafta agree on this one^^ u do great work and ur car shows it. very nice

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        once again, badass...Pure bad ass...

        hey atx check out my videos and let me know what you think I could REALLY use some opionions and tips from some one like you.

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          yes i love it keep up the good work

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            superb steve!

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              sick purely sick

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                Originally posted by lil_dcb7
                once again, badass...Pure bad ass...
                I also agree!

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                  nice work, id love to see another 4 minute video though.
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                    the fence shot=teh win



                      Awesome video. I need to gather up clips of my car, and do a video. You need to make it down to the orlando meet on july 23rd so that we can get us a nice video!


                        Another great vid, Steve That thing sure does pull, looks like a lot of fun! You def. fixed that ignitor/ignition problem though, I'll check your thread on that to see how it turned out. Looks good



                          good work, love the dramatic music. and i also love the 8,000 rpm shifts
                          CiRcuS kiNgZ


                            emosewa nikcuf

                            The fence shot really does kick ass!



                              That was....

                              That was pure sex!!! Superb cinematography maing! The music went really well. My favorite part was the driving shot of your coupe goodness. Excellent vid and truly awesome car my friend. One quick question, what kinda camera are you using for these vids?
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