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    You know, I bet they only impounded your car so that they can
    1. Study it, because god knows your car is probably twice as fast as theirs
    2. Take it for a ride!

    Flawless, man. Simply flawless.

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      Simply awesome man. And as for the cop, I'm sure like stated above that they did only to take it for a joy ride. Haha. Either that or he's jealous it looks better than his car at home. Lol


        i havent checked back but... deff one of the cleanest coupes... nice execution man



          i guess they caught you doing 40+ over the limit. that new law is so lame
          your car is looking good. i have not seen it since it was stock and red


            Wow I love the new pics your car is amazing. It's one of my favorite CB's of all time.
            I have your first post printed out in my bedroom with all the pics and specs.

            I love the simple black look (LOVE the new paint job), stance is perfect, crazy F22 build. <3

            This car needs to be in Honda Tuning I shit you not.
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              damn, just damn.

              always loved your car.
              The beginning of a new era............................
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                hey guys, been doing a shit load of work on the car lately, here is a small update;

                my engine bay started cracking, i did it kinda wrong the first time, so i decided to redo the engine bay properly, shouldnt crack no more, welded some seams, and didnt bondo over any this time! Here are a few pics, it looks so much better then it did

                1991 Accord LX Coupe - Boosted F22 - 5spd LSD - Shaved Bay - Work VSXX - Recaro SRD

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                  Sickness man! Just a shiet load of sickness!!!!

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                    i still see a lil bit of its past original paint lurking.

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                      holy wetness
                      Originally posted by deevergote
                      Just do what PR CB7 said.

                      "I'm Going For Wood" (Clickey Clickey)



                        CHAMPCOUPE IS BACK !!!!


                          Working on a whole new rear end, almost done, pics soon! Here is what im doing;

                          - 92/93 sedan trunk (shaved emblems)
                          - Oem flushmount replica (spent 3 hours fitting to perfection + 3 hours bodywork to make it super flat)
                          - red/clears tinted black
                          - rear bumper, lower line/groove shaved + added material to exhaust opening
                          - rear lip now sits lower on the bumper
                          - muffler lowered 1" to make room for the lowered lip
                          1991 Accord LX Coupe - Boosted F22 - 5spd LSD - Shaved Bay - Work VSXX - Recaro SRD

                          Member's Ride Page | Video of my CB7, Open Downpipe peelout


                            Daaaamn. Rear end work sounds HOT! Can't wait to see it!
                            My pictures/photos will return soon...


                              Cant wait to see pics!!!! Should look awesome!!!

                              Originally posted by slammed4thgen
                              be risky, be smart, and most of all be creative!


                                Starting out the year with a BANG I see. Pics or BAN! lol!

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