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kamaccord : 1990 Accord LX

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    kamaccord : 1990 Accord LX

    "See More Pics on Pages 26 and 28"

    1990 Turbo Accord Coupe

    - ERL Superdeck I Engine Block (Darton Ductile Iron Sleeves)
    - Carrillo Connecting Rods
    - Wiseco Pistons 8.8:1
    - JDM Red Valve Cover
    - REV Valve Springs/ Retainer Kit
    - Standard Cylinder Head Job
    - OEM Honda Valve Seals
    - OEM Honda Engine Bearings (Full Set)
    - ARP Head Studs
    - Pro Drive Oil Pump Gears
    - Koyo Aluminum Radiator
    - Love Fab Ramhorn Exhaust Manifold
    - Love Fab3" Stainless Steel Downpipe
    - Mandrel Bending Solutions 3" Custom Exhaust
    - Mandrel Bending Solutions Custom 3" Intercooler Piping
    - Apexi N-1 Turbo Muffler
    - AEM Fuel Rail
    - Aerometer Fuel Pressure Regulator
    - Golden Eagle Cam Gears
    - BLOX 76mm Throttle Body
    - Golden Eagle Intake Manifold (Polished)
    - Hondata Intake Manifold Gasket
    - Precision 1000cc Injectors
    - Precision GT4067R Turbo Charger
    - Precision 750hp Intercooler
    - Tial 44mm WasteGate
    - HKS Super Sequential Blow Off Valve
    - Walbro Fuel Pump 255 lph
    - Autolink Liquid Fuel Gauge
    - Apexi AVC-R Boost Controller
    - Greddy Turbo Timer
    - Hondata S300 with Boost Option
    - Oil Pressure Gauge
    - Boost Gauge
    - Innovative Digital Wideband Gauge
    - EGT Gauge
    - 3 Bar Map Sensor
    - Moroso Aluminum Oil Pan
    - Explicit Speed Motor Mounts

    - ACT Lightened Flywheel
    - Competition Clutch Twin Disk
    - OBX LSD
    - Drive Shaft Shop Axles 2.9 500 hp

    - Kumho 225/40 18
    - NEX Race Spec Coilovers
    - 1998 Acura CL Front Knuckle & Hub Assembly
    - 1995 Acura Legend GS Front Dual Piston Brake Calipers
    - ASA AR1 Wheels (18x7.5)
    - Explicit Speed Performance Traction Bar w/Torque Kit

    - JDM CB1 1-Pc Headlights Custom Black Housing By Accord_Inspire
    - JDM Tail Lights
    - 92-93 Front Bumper
    - 92-93 JDM Clear Front Bumper Lights
    - JDM 92-93 Front Fog Lights
    - EDM Rear Fog Light
    - EDM Clear Side Markers
    - Flushmount Rear Lip Spoiler
    - EVO Carbon Fiber Hood
    - Custom 90-91 Front Grill
    - JDM CB1 Folding Mirrors

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    i like it but something just doesnt look right


      i like it, im not one for body kits.. but that step up looks tight!! love the RED!!

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        yeah that red kicks ass, eventhough i would have kept the stock bumpers and just added a 5th gen front lip. to each his own
        btw im not trying to bang your car, it still looks good.
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          Whoa! That looks crazy! Im kinda feeling it though, even though its not my style!

          Oh, and you should probably change the title too.


            the car sorta looks like mine.. but I guess that's just because we both drive kitted red 2 door 90-91s accords.. haha.. interesting kit combo though.. street fighter front.. BW sides.. combat rear? anyway, what's under the hood?

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              I don't like anything about it
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                looks nice... except for the bodykit, headlights, altezzas and rims


                  Originally posted by DrLove'sKuDang
                  looks nice... except for the bodykit, headlights, altezzas and rims
                  Ebay it all...nice paint & drop though.

                  Originally posted by lordoja
                  im with you on that one bro! aint nothing beat free food and drinks any day of the week, even if its at a funeral


                    i like it. not feeling the taillights,red/clear would set it off. and whats under the hood? the car is dropped prefectly. dont listen to everybody else. the car is good looking. check out my thread. you might like it holla back


                      ok, we're gonna need a modifications list from you

                      you can 'edit' your first post in this thread and add it in.

                      also, what year and model (dx, lx, ex) is your accord? i just need to title your thread properly for you.

                      your car is lookin' complete though... i just think you need a different set of rims (maybe gunmetal - with those headlights and darker red color).

                      *i would also like to point out that there are a few select comments in here that don't really contribute to this thread or help kamaccord in any way.*


                        looks good except for tails, headlights and wing, get some red/clear tails and some jdm 1pcs and your set
                        Cause im da Honda Man!! yadadameen

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                          nice bro i would have left the hood carbon fiber though just my opinionlooks good though

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                            Nice car.

                            Same rims as me, same hood I have sitting in my room now, same wing I just sold.. looks good!

                            I love the Predator hood, this is my 2nd time having it so hopefully I keep it this time!

                            Just do the proper set up like they say to, and what drop are you on?
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                              Originally posted by accordtunerx

                              *i would also like to point out that there are a few select comments in here that don't really contribute to this thread or help kamaccord in any way.* [/B]
                              im with accordtunerx on this one, a few people dont like this car. the select few seems to dont like the car cuz of the body kit, rims, tails, and wing. the car looks just fine the way it is. my opinion again is the taillights could use a change, but looking good anyway.