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excalibur02 : 1992 Accord LX (3)

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    excalibur02 : 1992 Accord LX (3)

    1992 Accord LX 4 Door Auto her name is Angela!
    BTW this is my Daily Driver



    Well I bought this car off my best friend coco,

    I bought it because he wanted to move onto a 2003 3.2TL which he did. I did not want to see this car go to the wrong hands so here I am. This car was his however I always loved it since we had similar tastes. I did alot of the work on this car. You could say it was mine for the whole time he just paid for the parts and drove it lmao. Anyways I did everything from the h22 swap, taking it to get painted (I went everyday to the shop to take progress pics while coco was working and we both decided what color the car be), the drop, fogs, interior swap, and everything else.

    I love the way this car looks I added a bunch of new parts and parts that he had that wasnt installed while he owned it. I hope in the end he can say he left his car in great hands.

    EVERY JDM/OEM/RARE PART LISTED IS AUTHENTIC!! No replicas here. (No pun intended)


    Entire car and door jambs painted Mauritius Azul (Mauritius is Mauricio in spanish hehe :P)
    Rust was cut and new quarter panels were put in.

    JDM CB 4 Door Visors
    JDM CB 2.2i Emblem (STOLEN!! UGH)
    JDM CB 2.2i Emblem (yes I had to buy another one after the other one was stolen)
    JDM CB 90-91 1 Piece headlights w/ retro-ed TSX projectors (2 washer mod) and stock hi-beam reflectors(yellow hi-beam reflectors OLD LOOK I HATED IT)
    JDM CB Foglights
    JDM CB Power Folding Mirrors
    JDM CB Sidemarkers
    JDM CB Intersection Lights
    JDM Stanley Rear Fog light
    OEM CB Flushmount
    OEM CB Mudflaps Front and Rear
    OEM Sedan Legend lip (winter lip)
    OEM rear side bumper lights
    MDM Blizz Shade Rear Visor
    Greddy Gracer 94-95 Accord Front Lip (broken into 5 pieces!)
    Erebuni Sigma 129a Side Skirts and Rear Lip
    GTS Hood Bug Guard
    35% Tint Rear Windows

    :All Year Round:
    Yakima SST Towers
    Yakima Y30 clips
    Yakima 48" bars
    Yakima 43" fairing
    Yakima Power hound Ski Rack
    Yakima Raptor Bike Rack x2


    JDM H22A
    JDM H22A MP1A LSD Auto Tranny
    JDM P0N (higher redline auto TCU)
    Greddy 4-2-1 Header and Downpipe
    APEXi World Sport 2 Cat back Exhaust
    Maxbore'd H22 Manual obd2 throttle body
    Maxbore'd H22 top plenum port match
    Bisimoto Intake Manifold gasket
    Double Stack intake manifold spacer
    OEM Honda EGR block off plate
    AEM Fuel rail and Fuel Pressure Regulator
    Marshall Fuel Pressure (liquid filled)
    1/4" pipe plug EGR ports
    3 inch Aluminum Intake
    3 inch AEM DryFlow Filter
    Visteon Aluminum Racing Radiator
    SPAL Slim Fan 12"
    SPAL Slim Fan 9"
    Universal Transmission Cooler
    Unorthodox Racing Alternator Pulley
    BLOX oil adapter (For Oil Pressure Gauge)
    Battery Relocated to Trunk
    BB4 Powersteering pump and hi-pressure line
    OEM engine mounts filled with 94A urethane
    Reinstalled all AC parts
    Retrofitted AC to R134 (Works Great)
    Reinstalled CB Cruise Control

    P28 Tuned and Chipped by MRX


    Full CB blue interior (was grey, swapped with cp[mike]) [NO MORE CB BLUE INTERIOR 4-26-09]

    RSX 2006 Front leather seats (Had 2004s, sold them)
    OEM Tan Leather Rear Seats
    OEM Tan Leather Door Panels
    OEM Tan SE Floor Mars
    JDM CB Tan Leather Armrest
    JDM CB Sedan Polished Aluminum Door Sills
    JDM CB PFM switch
    JDM CB Foglight switch
    JDM BB Foglight switch for rear on the center console
    EDM CB 2 button heated switch button
    OEM A11 5th gen V6 ICU
    OEM 5th gen V6 Intermediate Wiper switch
    Carbon Fiber Gauge Bezel
    Tuning Shop Gauge Rings
    Q-Form Kick Panels
    DIY Almond Vinyl rear deck
    OEM CD Tan Maplight
    OEM Vigor C-pillar lights
    OEM DIY Driver side vanity light mirror on sun visor
    OEM DC Trunk light with switch x2.. each trunk panel
    12 White LED 3022 bulbs For: All 4 doors, CD Maplight, Upper Trunk, Side Panel Trunk , Glovebox, Dome light, C-pillar lights, and Side trunk Panels
    BroadWay Rear view mirror


    D2 Full Coilover Suspension
    TRW Ball Joint Camber kit
    CD Cusco Front Strut Bar
    CD5 EX 27mm Front Sway Bar
    Progress Rear Sway Bar
    Energy Suspension Red LCA bushings
    Energy Suspension Red Sway Bar Bushings
    Energy Suspension Black Radius Rod bushings

    Odyssey front 5 lug Knuckles
    Prelude rear 5 lug hub/bearing
    Brembo PowerSlot Front 11" VTEC Rotors
    92-93 EX, SE, 10th Anniversary Rear Disc Swap
    Brembo PowerSlot Rear Rotors
    Hawk HPS Front and Rear Pads
    Techna-Fit Stainless Steel 6 Line Kit
    Russel Speed Bleeders all 4
    Painted all Red Calipers


    OEM RSX Type S 17" wheels

    Michellin 215 45 17 all season tires


    Panasonic HU
    Kenwood Speakers Front and Back
    Kenwood Component System (for kick panels)

    Parts in my Possession (not installed yet)

    EDM CB 4 door thin side moldings
    JDM CB stock hi-beam reflectors (I dont like the yellow reflectors) DONE!
    JDM CB Chargespeed Grill
    JDM CB 92-93 Front bumper
    JDM CB 92-93 1 piece headlights (will retrofit these with the TSX projectors)

    Future Plans

    Install all the parts above lol
    Clean up Engine bay
    Paint the Engine bay
    TAS auto engine bolt kit
    Extended exhaust manifold studs and nuts

    Directory for more pictures:

    Page 2: Rear Fog Install, Leather door panels, oem flushmount, Blizz Rear Visor

    Page 3: Roof rack pictures and winter 09 photoshoot

    Page 4: Frozen rain pics, Rear disc install

    Page 5: ROH and Rear disc install, Progress rear sway, more winter pictures

    Page 6: Full Blue Cloth Interior pictures and NC rest stop photo shoot

    Page 7: Cleaning Tan interior pieces, Leather door panel install, DIY wrapped rear deck with vinyl

    Page 8: Spring 2009 pics, TSW rims, OEM flushmount, CT meet

    Page 9: 35% tint put on, OEM tan headliner, Map light install, C-pillar install

    Page 11: Full Tan leather install, Valve cover stripping, Side marker install, g-square eyelids, GTS hood bug guard

    Page 12: NJ meet pics

    Page 13: OLD pics of h22 swap from 2005

    Page 14: Winter 2010 pics alot of snow!!

    Page 15: Blox oil sandwich adapter installed

    Page 17: Mountain Scenery pics, RSX front seats, DC2 trunk light install

    Page 18: Maxbore Throttle body, Double stack, AEM goodies, EGR blockoff, Bisimoto im gasket.. Lots of pics!

    Page 19: Polished JDM aluminum door sills, RSX seats, SE floormats, Q-form Kick Panels, Clean interior!!

    Page 20: NYMM pics, Full lip kit including Greddy front lip and Erebuni Sigma 129a sides and rear.

    Page 21: Repairing my Greddy front lip and Honda Day @ Etown

    Page 22: Arrival of my Bisimoto V2 exhaust manifold aka header

    Page 24: Removed 2004 RSX seats then Installed 2006 RSX seats and New 2011 winter pics

    Page 25: Installed the cb9 140 MPH gauge cluster and also the JDM (O) e-brake indicator instead of the traditional BRAKE indicator

    Page 26: Installed the V6 5th gen Variable Speed Intermediate wiper switch and A11 ICU

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      Winter Mode 2008 to 2009

      So winter is over here is Spring pics of 2009!

      Winter 2010 Pics!

      I told you this car is daily driven lol
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          This post will be dedicated to my interior!!

          Stage 1: STOCK Grey Cloth Interior 1992 to 2004

          THE TRADE

          Stage 2: STOCK Blue Cloth interior 2004 to 2009 (traded interiors with cp[mike])

          Stage 3: STOCK Tan Cloth Interior April 2009 to August 2009

          Come on do you really need so see these pics lol

          Stage 4: STOCK Tan Leather Interior August 2009 to January 2010

          Stage 5: 2004 RSX front leather seats

          Stage 6: 2006 RSX front leather Seats

          Driver side is 2006 and Pass side is 2004

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                yeah, it would have been a shame to see it go to the wrong hands.

                i've never seen that radiator before. it's good to know there are more options out there.

                you guys did well picking out the color. later.
                Avoiding dirt at all costs


                  These pics don't do this car justice! I had a chance to drive it and all i gotta say is keep up the good job Maury!

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                    I will always associate this car with the crash that almost happened

                    Looking good Mauri


                      car is looking great, i love what youve done with it since youve gotten it. you finally have something else to use all your extra JDM parts on :P

                      i also love how my first cb blue interior is still around and super clean!

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                        As the previous owner, I can say I'm really happy! I miss her alot but I'm glad Mauri picked it up, I know it will be well taken care of. I didn't want it to end up in some high school kids hands and end up riced out or beaten.

                        I enjoy my new car now, but this cb7 will always be my first pride.
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                          The car is Pristine man. The retrofit looks sick at night man.
                          1993 Accord EX
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                            lol nice done!

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                              i was real surprised to see you driving this at the meet. i had no idea that you bought coco's car. i must say, it looks great in the pics but really shines in person. i fell in love with the 6-spoke finish, not exactly polished but not stock at the same time. perfect blend.