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Raf99 : 1993 Accord EX

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    Raf99 : 1993 Accord EX

    Big thanks to...
    DarkCloud, TypeG, rocketman_471, cb7rush, Theos92VR4(x2), almostJDM, , NightmareCB7, xkjnboix, almostJDM, H23CB7, tommi, 1990[H]accordex, treyd82, dannyd, bmxicansd, STREET-SPEC, 93a-lude, lindiz, DanCan, fleetw00d (x2!), Excalibur, Losiracer2, SSMAccord and many others!

    **Special HUGE thanks to James at Raven Auto Sports in Halifax, NS for helping build, tune, and bring this monster to life!! Without him this car would not be where it is now!!**

    Pics start on page 106 (the rest are broken photobucket links)

    410WHP/296TQ @ 17PSI


    JDM H22A engine
    Skunk2 intake manifold
    Manual tensioner
    Darton sleeves
    Eagle H rods
    Arias forged pistons (8:5:1)
    Cometic head gasket
    ARP main studs
    Cometic lower engine gasket kit
    Supertech valve seals
    Endyne oil pump
    Greddy timing belt
    Greddy balancer belt
    Mishimoto half radiator
    Mishimoto slim radiator fan
    FFC radiator hold
    Mishmoto power steering reservoir relocation
    H22A 68mm throttle body
    MSD Ignition system
    Walbro 450lph fuel pump
    Internal distributor coil mod.
    Battery relocation to trunk
    Fuse Box relocation
    Full Wire tuck
    Full A/C delete
    EGR/Canister full removal
    3" Full exhaust + 18" Resonator + Flowmaster muffler (no cat)
    ESP engine mounts
    ESP front lower traction bar
    ESP 3 point upper strut bar
    ESP alternator relocation bracket

    Go Gear

    GT35R Turbo (.70 compressor, 56trim) w/ oil and coolant lines
    Mishimoto Intercooler
    Tial 50mm BOV
    Tial 44mm WG
    Top Mount 44mm Turbo manifold
    RC 1000 High Impedance injectors
    GM 3bar map sensor
    P28 ECU w/ S300 V2 ECU with PWM boost control
    AEM fuel rail
    AEM A/F ratio gauge
    AEM boost controller
    AEM boost gauge
    Oil pressure gauge
    Oil catch / valve cover 2x10an fittings setup
    Fast Turbo feed and outlet turbo lines


    T2T4 LSD Transmission 5-speed transmission
    - Synchrotech bearing set
    - Synchrotech carbon fiber sychro set
    - Synchrotech F23 shaved 5th gear

    - Assco 12lbs flywheel with ARP bolts
    - Tilton twin disc racing clutch
    - Tilton OT-II 7.25 pressure plate
    - MTEC shifter spring kit


    Tein Super Streets
    Braided steel brake lines
    Rear disc swap
    17" DAI Mirage rims w/215/40/17 +38
    EBC Front drilled and slotted rotors and pads
    EBC Rear drilled and slotted rotors and pads
    Front SPC front camber kit
    Rear Ingals angle camber kit
    Fat Four Customs rear LCAs
    Fat Four Customs rear toe arms
    Ractive rear upper strut bar
    Ractive rear lower tie bar
    G-Square Grill
    JDM power folding mirrors DIY (in USDM housings)
    80 percent tint on rear windows and back window
    OEM Window visors
    Shaved antenna
    Shaved logos
    91 DIY front grill
    Rear camera DIY into trunk key hole
    95 JDM Honda Accord front lip‏
    95 Accord EXR rear lip
    95 Accord side skirts


    JDM side marker lights
    JDM intersection lights, relays and harness
    JDM yellow fog light bulbs
    Red/Clear Sedan tail lights
    EDM rear fog light

    Clear bumper signal lights
    CB7 JDM one piece black housed headlights:
    - Yellow high beam shroud
    - JDM yellow high beam bulb
    - DS2 Mini projectors w/ electronic cut-off shield (
    - Gatling Gun mini shrouds (
    - Phillips 85122 bulbs (
    - 100mm halo rings high beams (
    - 90mm halo rings low beam (
    - Wiring splitters (
    - HID ballast (
    - Headlights shields


    97 Prelude front seats
    CD5 delay wiper mod DIY
    Black dash swap
    Dyed black floor mats
    Dyed black rear seat
    DIY black interior pieces
    Black carpet swap (
    Complete DIY trunk redo with black fabric
    Silver speedo/RPM/cluster rings
    Color matched instrument cluster background
    Momo steering wheel & hub
    DIY blue/red LED gauge/dash conversion
    DIY blue/red LED honda CRV window switches
    JDI Distributors Inc. Push Button Start


    Alpine IVA-D310 In-dash 7" DVD screen
    Alpine IVA-D310 brain unit
    Alpine I-Pod interface adapter
    Alpine MRV-1507 class D 900W OMS
    2 x 400W Clarion 10" subs
    Alpine Flex5 MRP-F365 amp
    Qlogic corner enclosures w/
    -Alpine crossovers
    -Alpine 300W 6-1/2" 2-Way component speakers & tweeters
    Pioneer 180W 6 1/2" rear speakers
    Pioneer 140W 5 1/4" front speakers

    If you read this far congrats! This list is getting way too long

    Future Plans

    Carbon fiber hood (do not have..)
    Carbon fiber trunk (do not have..)
    Big Brake upgrade








    ************************From this point below are pics when I started my MRT. As the pages go on, so do the updates and pics
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    Love the rims and swap, not feeling the lights all around.

    Was that first one an old pic and your back to stock, or are the other ones older pics?
    Originally posted by chessboxer
    We know these are good cars, but for some reason, all the world wants are freaking civics and tegs. Bleck.
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      Clean! What size are those wheels?
      1990 Accord EX


        WOW!! bro your cb is nice,love that color.those rims are nice some interior pics.


          Clean ass motor looks good


            Originally posted by Clean_4th gen View Post

            Clean! What size are those wheels?
            They are 17".
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              that is one clean mofo......

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                pretty agressive. but clean! Cb

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                  Damn, that is one clean ass paint. Did you get it resprayed? If not, you took damn good care of it . Btw Most peeps on here may not like your wheels and or the projectors, but I think they suite your car well. Keep it different yet clean

                  Ps. If you want your projectors to put out better output, throw some HID'S in and aim them right. Now if you want even better output, throw some HID's into the fogs also
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                      clean cb not really feeling the tail lights, but overall it looks good. is your motor stock or have you done some work to it?

                      the sedan
                      the wagon
                      the integra


                        Originally posted by jimmybean21 View Post
                        clean cb not really feeling the tail lights, but overall it looks good. is your motor stock or have you done some work to it?
                        Motor is a h22a swap. (see above pic)



                          A cool diy for 1 piece ebay lights.
                          **Blk Housed Slut Crew Member #1**

                          **Don't b scared be prepared for the worst**
                          Da Drizzle's Sedan - Dr. Diy's Blk Housed Thread

                          '90 2Tone Coupe-Car Heaven_'89 Lude-Junk Yard
                          Mostly Usdm, some Jdm,Edm,&Puerto Rican RICE


                            Originally posted by F20A CB7 View Post

                            A cool diy for 1 piece ebay lights.
                            Thanks, but my headlights are already blacked out. ( can't wait to do the tail-lights though )


                              man your grill is HOT,i want to do my grill like that when i get her painted.