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    Just curious as to why you didn't put the fuse box above the blower motor and other ducting? With the glove box out there should be enough room up there for it. Also you can reach up in there when the glove box is open, so I'm sure it could be mounted in a way that is still somewhat accessible with the glove box open. I want to try, I just haven't had the motivation to move the fuse box yet.
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      I thought he would've cut a hole in the glovebox and kind of mounted it on the blower housing.

      YouTube Clicky!!


        It's that the wires that connect to the fuse box will not reach. Without a full wire de-pinning and harness removal / re-order one can only have the wire reach inside the firewall. The same distance it would reach to the OEM location.

        You see lot's of people say they want to put it in the air bag location, glove box, above the glove box, but I've never seen it done. My guess is that it is because of the wire length issue.


          Well i now know what a burning clutch smells like. Burned through a Stage 4 clutch in about 4 months technically. Not that it won't still drive the car but the tires don't squeal in 2nd or 3rd anymore. RPMs go up, but no spinning But that's ok, I'm hard on the car and she takes it all. I can't help but wonder how much HP I'm losing with the clutch slipping. Jeesh, it was last summer when we strapped it to the dyno and it wouldn't hold. Tough clutch.

          Pics time...

          Can't say I'd actually use this thing in public. Maybe in an emergency on the side of the road. It's pretty dam bright, haha. They really use this in the UK ? haha


            Rear fogs are phenomenal down here in Florida when the rain gets heavy. A lot of people will turn on their hazards (which I hate) but it's honestly easier to make out a rear fog for me.


              Nice garage. How's your clutch fund coming along?
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                Originally posted by GTRON View Post
                Nice garage. How's your clutch fund coming along?
                lol... Ya, my thoughts exactly. I had a car savings account which was at $400 last time i checked. I was going to buy AEM H22 cam gears with this money. I put a stop to this account as my sister got me involved in life insurance. So ya, my plan is to try and buy these items over the winter:

                - AEM H22 cam gears
                - Twin disc clutch, throw out bearing (make/model unknown, may got with Bully or ACT)
                - Welder and supplies to clean up engine bay

                ..... we'll see. Winter sucks here as you also need to spend money on winter stuff (heat, tires, and other crap).

                Man, took the car for a drive on the weekend again. Man this car is fun to drive! The combination of low, stiff suspension, lots of power is just so fun on the back roads. This chassis I think helps a lot too. The exhaust is not annoying anymore and each drive brings a smile to my face. I wish someone else could drive it to let me know what they think (experience required).

                The best part is the reaction i get from other people who see the car for the first time Yesterday at a red light behind cars, green light, driving past the other cars coming the other way who were at a red light too. See a guy in a civic eating a bar, as i drove by he stopped his arm half way with his open mouth staring at the car. Forgetting to drive.... pissing off those behind him. Was too funny.

                The other great LOLs are when cars pull up behind you who hate hondas. They see rice from behind but don't know the car has power. Had this happen on two occasions:

                1. Dodge Pickup Truck (420HP) turning on to an on-ramp on the highway. On my bumper in the left turn lane, if i moved 1mm he moved 1mm. Annoying, he almost kept up, i give him credit.

                2. (Yesterday). 89 Mustang, put his high beams on behind me, trailed me. I did the "hill trick" to him. This is a thing I do where we see who has the power by waiting for a big hill. He followed me for a while on the back roads. Finally came to a big hill and i slowed down a little, shifted to 3rd (in boost), waited for him to shift down (he did). Tramped it. He didn't stand a chance and he turned down the next available road, maybe out of embarrassment (I don't know).
                This trick comes from driving on single lane highways here where passing lanes are on the big hills (to get past large trucks). You'll always have teens in a civic etc. trail you for no reason. You pull out in to the passing lane to pass big trucks and they are 1' from your back bumper. You get to tramp it and leave them far far behind, usually they get stuck behind other traffic as they couldn't accelerate fast enough to get by everyone you did. Again, they can't see the front of the car to know it has power.


                  I'm faster then a prius


                    Well i think it's time to stop driving her. While I can squack the tires from a stop, at the top end of 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, the tires will not squeal. Instead the clutch just slips Compared to last summer I could squeal in 3rd at the top end.

                    We'll be back in a while


                      you really make me want to finish putting my car together!!

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                        I need to work on my passport. I would like to visit NS one day and meet up and see this beast in person. I think you are the only active Canadian member,

                        Originally posted by cp[mike] View Post
                        you really make me want to finish putting my car together!!
                        Stop slackin Mike you've had the car for 2 years! haha
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                          Still mowing through i see. I need install my rear
                          NEW CB

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                            I appreciate ya'll stopping by of course. Always glad to see some comments. Thanksgiving weekend I drove Sally to Antigonish to see my mother. A good 3 hour drive one way, took some back roads. Couple scrapes but Sally and I had fun! Lots of bugs on the windshield.

                            Tonight I took her for one last wash tonight before storage time.

                            The view...., I think I need to aim these lights lower.

                            Was trying to brake boost tonight too. I found that the brake pedal pushed back with such stiffness I couldn't hold it. Was hard to do. And ....had a little boo boo. I was up at a high rate of speed and on this is what happens when you forget to tuck your drivers inner liner above the front bumper liner (and go fast). There's nothing left to it, no lower part, etc. Ahh well.

                            Also debating on when to start on the winter project. Part of me is saying now, but we'll see. Each winter I come up with a list of things to do for Sally, so far we have (depends on budget):

                            - yank engine/trans, clean up engine bay
                            - swap clutch and transmission
                            - clean/paint engine transmission
                            - weld engine holes?? (i have no welder, but i hear a cheap one will do)
                            - install volt meter somewhere (maybe buy pre-made inst. cluster w/ gauge pods). Put volts and oil pressure in cluster corners and a/f , boost gauge on A-pillar. Also need all of the lights for each of these on the dimmer, currently they are not which is a PITA at night.



                              Sucks that you lost a fender liner. I've lost about 4 of them over the years on the different Accords I've had. I'm hoping that this time around the OEM double lip will help prevent some of the turbulent air right around the front of the fender liner.
                              MRT: 1993 Honda Accord SE Coupe (Lola)


                                Ya, i think i forgot to tuck the liner up behind the bumper.

                                Bought this shit the other day. But I don't know how to use a buffer, so this should be fun. It came with extra pads. There's heat wrap and a new intercooler pipe for a section i wanted to replace.