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    So...... while the trans looks OK internally it feels like it has a lot of km, and was neglected (in and out of the car). Bearings are loose, magnet full of shavings, rust on internal parts. I did a pic here of.....

    Top - My new carbon fiber synchrotech synchros
    Below - My M2A4 synchros
    This Trans - T2T4

    Even the gear teeth are shredded too. You can see one tooth is beaten down like a hammer was taken to it.

    So we'll keep this around. It will need a full rebuild which equals a good $500 in parts.


      Well...... took Sally for a drive. I will say we definitely have some bearing noise in the tranny, and I'm still hating the clutch. Sometimes it sticks too well and you're trying to take off and it just ... sticks. The car will putter along doing 3mph until you get going as the clutch is stuck on. It's like if you are not very very careful you mess up. Definitely will save for a new clutch. As others have pointed out there are better options that are sping or not dual. Anywho... still drives fine, you just need to "man handle her".

      Ug........ only 1 thing to really report wrong. This...........! Ug.... i don't want to be part of this "party" as I see others have the same issue. I wrote Mishimoto to see if they'll play ball....


        Well if ya'll remember me trying to make some tail lights. I painted them and pretty much made red/clears, which is not what I wanted. Sooo this is me trying to get the red paint off, which is harder than you think (as you can't mess up the clear plastic underneath).

        I tried some paint remover in a spray can. Left it on for 5min and totally messed up one of the lights. The plastic had "melted" and i had to sand it down and bring it back to normal condition. With the rest of them I quickly realized I only needed to count to 10sec and the paint comes right off!

        We tried paint thinner with rags. No go.

        Using industrial strength paint removal (spray on) you'll get it foggy looking like so. As mentioned only leaving it on for 10 seconds. Wet sand with 800, 1000, 2000....

        Yaaa.. get buffing! Tried by hand, screw that. Only buffer I have is this beast and using this it only took 5min max each light. (Can't wait to sell this POS and buy a better one).


          Nice save!
          I've removed the VHT night shade off some
          taillights in the past just using brake cleaner.
          Worked really good. Not sure what paint you used.
          You definitely brought them back though.
          My YouTube channel


          Members Ride.


            ya, seen a vid of VHT being removed by brake cleaner, but naa, this was real paint. But they are back to clear.

            I took Sally for a drive today, focusing on two issues:

            1. Rad cap leak. Mishimoto noted to try bending the tabs in on the rad cap. Tried that, and fixed the problem! No leaks, yeah!!

            2. Clutch sticking on take off. (like two magnets coming together uncontrollably). I ....... really had to think on this one. I knew it was doing this because of how I adjusted the clutch master cylinder. Basically had it adjusted too "tight" so the "catch point" was near the floor. The draw back to this was a non-full release. I think on a hill maybe the dual plates were almost engaged.

            So, we adjusted it as per the eric the car guy video where you snug up the adjustment rod, and good to go. The release point is now higher, but there's a full disengagement. Hard to get use to but the shifts were definitely better and car was much happier!

            With that said, there is currently zero issues with Sally! I took her for a drive today, let er' rip all over the place. Left rubber everywhere and.... not one single issue. No high temps, no cooling issues, not a drop of fluid anywhere. Nice feeling. And still nervous as sh*t driving the car. It's a scary thing...

            Most my OCD went into cleaning the other car today though....




                  Washing Sally in the rain. Starting to think the next set of tires need to be 45's.


                    Ya, so those tail lights are a big FAIL again. But I now understand how buddy did the lights in the pic I'm trying to copy. Not sure if I wanna keep going with these though.... going to be a major pain to remove the paint now ...


                      Yeah, if Im recalling the lights youre trying to match the lens should remain clear and youd need to paint the textured diffuser inside of the light red. I cannot recall if the chrome reflective part was painted black, but I think that it was also.


                        ^ I think I know which lights you're referring to with the clear outer lenses ('92-'93 sedan lights, owner lived in Europe or east Asia, iirc), and those were the nicest lights I've ever seen on a CB. I thought I had saved the photo, but I'm not finding it on my hard drive or in a Google search. They're definitely worth replicating, though.
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                          Yeah, I think the lights I’m thinking of are quoted on page 123. The look clear lensed with a red inner. *it looks like I quoted, so the original image is probably on 122.
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                            Yep and yep. I ordered some more paint stripper and will slowly work away on these. For now they got put on the back burner...


                              Yup, that's the one. I might have to attempt that on the wagon one day, but keep the period-correct amber, just to see how it turns out. Starting projects like this over after you've messed up is frustrating, though, so I definitely understand you stepping away from it for a while.


                                Well.. on with the show. Today I tackled two things that were bothering me. 1. A dent in the rear chrome trim piece around the back window.
                                2. .. Parasitic draw...

                                1. Let's break shit! I always feared doing this. Ugh.. and ya. These clips are crazy. Go slow...

                                I don't know what these are or how they get here.

                                The dent...

                                = Old

                                Adding extra support.


                                #2.... Parasitic Draw. Well..... I know I have a draw. And I've been ignoring it. Got a new multi-meter as I blew my last one using the wrong settings trying to solve this... anywho.

                                I have .80ma and sometimes almost 1amp draw on the battery with everything off.

                                Good news:
                                - It's not the horn (one horn is disconnected.) It has 0ma draw
                                - It's not the ECU
                                - It's not the door lights

                                Bad news:
                                - With all the fuses pulled from passenger side I still have .1ma draw. Is that ok? I think it is.
                                - It is the "radio + internal lights + bunch of other crap is drawing crap.
                                - The condenser fan is pulling 1ma alone..., relay??

                                Going to dig into this more tomorrow.....