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    Thanks all! I will check into this and possible just replace the seals. I think I can do it with the cams in too....


      Ug.. $50 for two little seals & have to order from the US because Canada sucks. lol. I'll think on it... or take the ones from the spare had I have. But on to better news...

      I never thought I'd see the day & I swear this is the last one in good shape I've seen in many many years! & there's no template on where to put this either...... any thoughts folks?

      That packaging job

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        Oh very very nice! Super Jelly
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          That is an excellent score!!!! I am glad that you were finally able to get these after all of your hunting.


            Soooooo anyone know where this mounts? I don't think there's a bumper outline like the rear fog light, but I'll check
            & does anyone have a wiring diagram for this?
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              You'll need to chop a section of your fiberglass bumper beam off, the JDM support bar had provisions for the mounting bracket, ours don't. In order to avoid chopping too much of the bumper, I oriented mine so that the body+tail of the unit were tucked along the side of the bumper toward the fender, rather than inward toward the center of the car. The nut at the very top around the pole is enough to hold it in place, but you can probably fine some way to add bracing if you want.

              I think most people just use photos and/or measurements for the proper drill location. It's possible there might be a template out there for dealers installing the add-on, but I'm not sure.

              Lucky you have the relay box and everything. Wire colors dont match...? JDM wiring diagrams can be found online and should indicate pinouts. Edit:

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                I hate cutting that itchy fiberglass bumper support haha...

                So all wires match up maybe....

                So we have this...

                Looking at the black (ground), giant white wire, and red plug (yellow/green wire). Ground is ground, plug goes into fuse box by drivers feet, other plug into fuse box too? and.... where do you think large white wire goes with female end on it?

                Better pic. I'm guessing white is always on (hot) power and maybe all 3 just plug into fuse box panel by drivers feet? (believe there's 4 options there)

                Optional plugs...

                Obviously the yellow/red & yellow/white connect to each other. And I think the red/black larger wires is the connector for the signal lights? But this connector is currently being taken by my intersection lights. So a little confused what to do. And that plug is on the passenger side of the car. I've always seen the bumper pole on the drivers side when installed but I guess that's for LHD. We should technically install it on the passenger side (furthest away from driver). So not sure if I should splice into the connector or what to do.

                Any thoughts welcome...


                  Finally got some parts in. The timing kit I ordered came with cam seals and some other weird seal. Went and got some Honda cam seals today too (didn't trust the ebay seals). & some Hondabond.


                    Resealed the transmission today with some good ole Honda bond. Took a while to get the c-clip to snap in and had to separate it a bit again but should be fine. I would love to see how the folks at Honda get the C-clip to snap into the master shaft. Because my way of turning it over and banging it on it's head over and over is pretty difficult to do. Painted it again to finish it up before putting parts back on it.

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                      Well.......... Rilas for the win

                      Dribbling like a baby...

                      All better.

                      Difference between Honda cam seals and the crap they sell on ebay.

                      Ok... time to tackle this. I'm obviously missing some parts here. But what i'm missing is hard to determine. I ordered #19, but also looks like I"m missing #24 and #30. No idea what #39 is....

                      Random pic from the internet.... ignore the red square. wow, does shit just hang loose like this..... (never had this setup before). Obviously the bolt for the timing belt bearing is different, and the one above it I ordered. If someone can help out or post some pics....


                        Timing belt bolt is different because that isn't OEM. He put in a bolt and ran a nylock down there with a washer to retain the bearing to the block.

                        Your missing a few pieces. The bolt for the tensioner, the alignment sleeve for the tensioner. The clip in #39 is to help retain the timing belt cover. The clip just holds the cover in at the top, just like the nut with the rubber washer on it to hold in the lower timing cover.

                        Yeah things just hang until the belt gets on there with a little tension, then things will tighten up a good bit.
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                          I have some photos of my timing side here, with a manual tensioner similar to yours:

                          According to KS Tuned, that sleeve/bushing (#24) wears out over time and is a big contributor to the H22's belt walk problem.

                          And here's what that little cotter pin looks like installed. Since it doesn't sit against the rubber washer, I can only guess it's there as a secondary stopper for if the washer were to fail and the timing cover somehow got out that far. But if the timing cover's out that far, the crank pulley will have already worn a hole in it, so it seems completely pointless. Just something else to cut your hand on if you're reaching down that side of the engine.

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                            Thanks CyborgGT, now I know what that looks like. And ... I never understood that bolt anyways, but I suppose it should "tighten" the timing tensioner somehow.
                            And now I understand why I see folks selling the timing belt tensioner with the anti-slip ring, but they want you to glue it on to the OEM tensioner..... and I'm not doing that.

                            So talking with Honda today, they can order the #19 - Bolt, timing belt Adjuster (14513-RCA-A01) and the #Collar, Auto adjuster (14530-P13-000), but not the Bolt, Timing Belt Adjuster #1 (90016-P5M-000), which is this part.

                            So off to ebay I go searching.... & ... no results. This is why folks, you should upgrade to a K-series :P


                              I think they have this bolt available in the USA on hondapartsnow, but it's $49 for the bolt and $50 for shipping. Seems a bit much to pay $100 for a bolt. Anyone have this bolt?


                                I went looking through my stuff yesterday, and while I found some extra timing parts, that bolt wasn't in there. Found it for US$29 ($36 CAD?) before shipping here, though:

                                Nevermind, just searched HondaPartsNow, and it's the same price there. My exchange rate search must have been off.
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