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    that hood looks awsome

    Mercyboy: I rather lose by a mile because I built my own car then win by an inch because someone else built it for me..your car is your story, so don't let someone else write the book!

    1990 RHD Honda accord si CB3 Canada


      Thanks everyone. I'm diggin the hood bra mercyboy.


        dude your car has come a very long way, yours reminds me of mine when i first got it lol. and that hood is sick finally another person that likes sticker as much if not more then me lol.


          I really didn't expect the hood to be this well received. Right now the car isn't in the condition I would like it to be but I'll get it there soon.

          I might end up getting some more stickers, probably all made out of vinyl rather than some of them so they last longer and don't peel as easily. It's rained a lot lately so the weather is getting to the sticker bomb stickers but the ones I ordered from House of Graffix are holding in there pretty well.


            Originally posted by Mike1357 View Post
            I didn't know they were supposed to be black.
            Yeah they were black at one point.

            Its hard to see because they are black like they should be lol


              Hm, cool. Looks like another fun project I get to add to the list.


                Driving home from a meet a few weeks ago the car died at a stoplight. Started back up and drove it home. Drove it to work the next day and it starts knocking. Started saving up for another F22 (probably gonna stick with an F for this car).

                While it's been sitting I finally replaced my broken door handle and I'm going to strip the gunmetal paint off my odd wheel this weekend. Might get an EDM rear next weekend.


                  Bought these a while back:

                  Crappy mid-install pic:

                  Got this for free:

                  Found these at a JY recently:

                  Cool find but I'm probably not going to use them.

                  I ended up swapping the accord rails onto the BB4 seats so I could get all 4 corners bolted down. Also let me keep the burgundy finishers for the sides of the seats.


                    Nice updates, fog looks great!!
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                    Originally posted by The G-Man
                    For that money, yes. But my dick isn't big enough for that shit.

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                      Well, being that all clears are sorta hard to come by, I want to sell them to someone that will use them and get a dime a dozen set of red/clears for myself.


                        I've always wanted all-clears for the old Accord.


                          How the car is sitting now.

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                            Which meet were you at?

                            Sorry to hear about the motor man. Good thing they are everywhere in our junkyards.
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                            Originally posted by Leung
                            Well, I poked the big one in the head with the shovel while shouting at it "hey, you can't sleep here".


                              It was a meet at S&R Performance. They are everywhere in the JY but I have different plans.


                                Use your imagination.