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CB aerodeck : 1991 Accord EX-R

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    CB aerodeck : 1991 Accord EX-R

    Hi guy’s and gal’s ! My name is CB aerodeck and I’m from Canada… Here’s my ride… Its a 1991 CB9 and I own it since 2005 and it took me about 3 years to build it. I also owned two CB7 during and before this built (1992 EX CB7 and a 1991 Ex-R CB7) .


    *JDM H22A
    *DIY metal-pink valve cover ''repainted purple''
    *DIY spark plug cover
    *Skunk2 intake manifold
    *Hondata thermal gasket
    *AEM V2 cai
    *BDL fuel rail
    *B&M fuel press. reg. and gaz press. guauge
    *OBX S/S 4-2-1 header
    *Vibrant hi-flow catalytic converter
    *Apex'i WS2 cat back (CB7)
    *P72 ECU
    *deleted A/C
    *deleted EGR
    *deleted P/S
    *wire tuck
    *camo painted engine bay
    *shaved engine bay
    *battery relocated to the trunk

    Tranny :
    *auto to manuel convertion
    *Exedy Stage 1 clutch
    *Stainless braided clutch hose

    Suspension :
    *TEIN Basic Damper coil-over
    *Ingalls front and rear camber kits
    *Cusco strut tower bar

    Brakes and Wheels :
    *SSR Type-X 15x7 +35 (kawasaki green painted w/polished lip) ''now white''
    *Dunlop FM901 205/55/15
    *OEM 15'' ACCORD 2000 optional wheel
    *Muteki short open-head lug nut (blue) ''SOLD''
    *EBC brake rotor (front)
    *EBC green stuff brake pad
    *Stainles braided brake hose
    *BRAND NEW Honda rear drum brake

    *NH677P4 Acura Aspen white paint
    *JDM CB7 92-93 front bumper
    *JDM fender whit sidemarker
    *JDM bumper pole
    *JDM sideboulevard light
    *JDM fog light
    *JDM 1-piece headlight (90-91)
    *G-Square replica front grill
    *JDM HOA enblem (silver)
    *JDM CB7 thin side molding
    *EF9 DOHC VTEC pgmfi door decal
    *Japanese illumnated license plate
    *JDM parking decal
    *JDM mechanical inspection decal
    *JDM mechanical inspection clock
    *shaved radio antenna
    *deleted rear wiper
    *relocated exhaust hole (to fit cb7 WS2 exhaust)
    *JDM window visor (not on the car)
    *JDM CB9 VIN tag
    *OEM ski rack
    *OEM sun roof visor

    Inside :
    *blue interior
    *Nardi Torino steering wheel
    *Recaro SRD seats
    *Mugen S1 bucket seat (driver side)(not installed)
    *TRW Sabelt 3 point harness
    *JDM Trust shift knob
    *Autometer A/F ratio and oil press. Gauges
    *Apex’i VAFCII (not installed)
    *JDM CD5 Honda Air refreshner (but dind’t got the remote)
    *JDM DC2 Honda road flare

    Futur plan :
    ...thats enought for now!

    Big thanks to :
    *my friend and familly for all their support !
    *my wife for letting me took all the place in the garage !!!
    *Japan ( to be my life inspiration! )
    *and the most important… (this car would be nothing without you guy’s !) YOU ROCK !

    back in 2005....

    during the built....

    the new paint....

    then now!!!!

    its all for now... thanks!
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    no thank you! your cd is looking prime. and some nice photo shots to. peace
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      i liiiiiiike!

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        front license plate reminds me of a friend with a DUI in Japan!

        sweet ride mang. really like the looks!
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          beautiful CB9.... I like it
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              I would of thought the car was original frost white! Paint and body work looks legit! Nice build so far`


                that's a beauty!

                Hey aerodeck, from what province are you? I am going to add you to the Canadian CB7tuner Member list here

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         thats a clean wagon..i love the valve cover...thats different.
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                    Awesome man! Love it all around

                    Originally posted by Maple50175
                    Oh here we go again. Maples other half.


                      awesome wagon...i like it.
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                        wow this is one of its kind, very nice


                          this a great ride. lots of goodies.

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                            Beautiful wagon! Can't find a single thing I don't like about it.

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