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    Nice updates. I really want one of those edm vent buttons to cover the whole were the but the alarm blinker on. How much did you pay for it?
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      hope your ok man.....hope you still working on that car........PIC PICS ON THE BUILDING DAMAGE PROGRESS

      Mercyboy: I rather lose by a mile because I built my own car then win by an inch because someone else built it for me..your car is your story, so don't let someone else write the book!

      1990 RHD Honda accord si CB3 Canada


        I haven't been on here in FOREVER. My apologies. I don't intend to make this a sob story, it's just my life...... Since I moved here to Arizona, A LOT of shit has gone on in my life. First and foremost, I wrecked my car. For a while afterwards I didn't have a job, so I never fixed it. It's still sitting in Tempe, but she's still broke. Secondly, my roomate got into some seriously hardcore shit and I had to move out of my old apartment or I would've gone to jail for kicking the shit out of him. But I didn't want to mess up things at UTI, since I have a 4.0 still . As of recently, he couldn't pay rent without me there and decided not to sign me off the lease, just to be a dickhead, so he decided to trash the place and steal the fridge, microwave, and the washer and dryer. I found that out the same day my dad told me that he got a call from the guy that owns the show in Tempe that my car has been sitting at, who informed him that they got the car on a lift and realized the frame is tweeked. So unfortunately the car is totalled. All of this after i geta great job and next paycheck, I was going to buy the parts to get her back on the road. FML So.......hopefully soone I'll have the car stripped and taken away so that I can save up and get another CB7 soon. But this time I'm getting an EX. I'll keep you guys updated on what all is going to happen.

        A pic of just after the crash as promised...

        Members Ride Thread: LX ~ EX ~ For Sale Thread

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