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StreetNewb : 1991 Accord EX

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    StreetNewb : 1991 Accord EX

    ***UPDATE March 2011 - Car is Toast ***


    Click here for what actually happened to car

    [*] KEY:::
    [-] -> Removed
    [+] -> Added

    [*] Engine & Transmission:::
    [+] JDM H22a Engine
    [+] JDM LSD Transmission
    [+] Short Ram Intake (3" Piping)
    [+] Neuspeed Short Shifter (reduces throw by 30%)
    [+] Centerforce Performance clutch

    [*] Suspension & Wheels:::
    [+] Koni Yellows/Sports SP3 @ lowest setting
    [+] H&R Race Springs (2.2"f/2.0" rear)
    [+] 15" ITR 4 bolt pattern
    [+] 195/50/R15 Nexen Radial N2000 tires
    [+] 1" bolt on spacers all round

    [*] Exhaust:::
    [+] Car-options 4-2-1 Performance header
    [-] Car-options h22a catback exhaust, 2.5" piping, 4.5" tip (never even installed, lol)
    [+] Magnaflow 2 1/4" piping, 4" tip performance exhaust

    [*] Sound System:::
    [+] Sony CDX GT09 MP3 Deck w/ remote (lol?)
    [+] 4x Rockfod Fosgate T1652 2-way coaxial Speakers
    [+] 12" Alpine Type R Subwoofer in ported Thunderbox
    [+] Dual 600 Watt amplifier

    [*] Lights:::
    [+] eBay/no-named aftermarket tail lights
    [+] eBay OEM styled projector headlights
    [-] OEM Blackhoused headlights
    [+] Blue HIDs (low beams)
    [+] DIY Ambered Corners
    [+] New bumper lamps

    [*] Misc:::
    [+] DIY Custom Mesh Grill
    [+] Nokya Sport Shift Knob
    [+] Nokya Sport Pedals
    [+] "JDM-Spec" Red Stitching Race Shift Boot
    [+] SkyHigh Racing Steering Wheel & 6 Bolt Hub
    [+] Removed rust from rear brake drums + painted


    [*] Future plans (very soon):::
    [+] Re-tint rear windows black
    [+] Repair rust, fill dent, Repaint
    [+] Fog lights

    [*] Long-term future plans:::
    [+] Skunk2 pro series cams
    [+] Skunk2 throttle body
    [+] Bisimoto headers (I WANT THESE BAD, anybody selling theirs?)
    [+] Euro Type R intake manifold (or skunk2)
    [+] Forged pistons, rings, ported head, new sleeves, chocolate bars, etc.
    [+] TURBO @ 10-16psi?
    [+] Chipped & Tuned p28 ECU
    [+] Vigor brakes

    [*] Spring 2K11 (in-progress):::
    [+] Window Visors
    [+] G-Square grill
    [+] Rust Removal
    [+] Legend lip
    [+] CD5 Rear lip
    [+] M3 Sideskirts
    [+] Repaint BMW carbon black
    [+] Clear Corner lights
    [+] Clear Bumper lights
    [+] Re-tint black
    [+] 2x 12" alpine Type R"
    [+] TURBO!

    Yes I'm 18, and yes everything I've done on this car has been
    100% my money not my dads money. I've got a pet peeve over others who
    have their parents fund their projects and whatnot, so just
    putting it out there .
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    very clean..

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      i got mine off ebay for under 30 shipped to my door, black tubing with black and red filter, looks like a k and n filter, but its a knock off, when it comes to intake ive heard the piping is just piping, its the filter that counts,

      btw, this sri is 3". with everything needed to install and both vacumm lines.

      this one is the same i have exept its crome, and its 40 shipped,

      the aem are card certified i believe an intake is jast an intake
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        ahhhhh you got the battery cover, my coupe had that, clean car friend.
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          Originally posted by F20A CB7 View Post
          ahhhhh you got the battery cover, my coupe had that, clean car friend.
          lol are they rare . because I myself have one in my engine bay. itook it off once but placed it right back, figured it came with it for a reason.

          And clean CB by the way!

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            Thanks everybody . Thanks for the tip on the SRI, I think I'll get an ebay one after all. Lordco priced the AEM SRI at $200 last week and $160 this week, they can't make up their minds!

            Too bad shipping to Canada from ebay costs almost twice as much as the actual product xD

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              Originally posted by StreetNewb View Post
              Add an SRI (aem = $200, ebay = $20 + $30 shipping... any huge difference?)
              I'd go with ebay unless you live in a state with strict emission laws. As another member said, piping is piping.
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                very nice turn around with your cb.


                  good looking car.....Great work fixing it...Loving how clean tooo

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                    Thanks everybody, ordered the SRI from ebay today for only $58 . Going to be a long 7-14 business days of waiting xD

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                      car looks very clean especially the engine keep up the good work


                        The starting of weight reduction:

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                          New intake:

                          Extreme weight reduction (going to use pillows for the drivers seat):

                          ^jk, just cleaning 'er out!

                          Car never had a lip on it when I got it, so I grabbed one at the local junkyard for $6. It wouldn't seem to bolt on properly because it was missing something (maybe I should have used nuts?)... Anyways, I tried to use ties, that didn't work well. So I decided to use silicone! (lol). The oil bottles and fuel injector cleaner bottle is there to help support the lip while the silicone drys:

                          I plan on getting the wheels next

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                            Passenger side window got smashed the other night becayse some f*ck kicked my door ( Anyways that's been fixed, but the dent is left. So I guess I got an aftermarket dent in my door, WOOT.

                            Anyways, since the door panels were taken off I decided to remove the crappy pioneer speakers from there and put in my new sony speakers I've had sitting in my closet for 3 months collecting dust. They sound much more clear and go louder without distorting.

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                              Updated thread. Engine & tranny is here, goes for swap Tuesday! So excited!!!

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