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    very rad!


      Does the pan really hang that low, or is it that the old Accords are so much lower than newer cars?
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        ^ It's a taller engine for taller modern cars in general. I think the main difference in height is thanks to that beefy crank girdle on the K that spaces the oil pan further down. Brilliant piece of engineering, but it costs space.

        Originally posted by Raf99 View Post
        I'm surprised we don't see more K swaps on this site.
        The only thing that would drive me to K-swap is if third party parts manufacturers stopped supporting the F/H for basic upkeep. K engines just aren't worth it to me yet when comparing the ease and fitment of an H22 swap. I'm sure I'll do it one day, but it won't be any time soon. I'm sure by then, Honda will have come out with an even better engine that excites the tuners.
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          Ya, lack of parts for the H22 is a problem for me already. But would still go with H over K due to fitment. (Old with the old). If going turbo K is much better and cheaper to do of course too. All comes down to wants and needs per person. But liking your setup. Exhaust manifold / turbo must get hot back there where all the wires and things are?


            Powderblue, great progress on your CB man. Don't take the following as any offence directed towards you. It's your CB and I appreciate any work done to cars.

            Not only does the pan sit lower but the valve train itself is also taller due to being a 3 piece design, where the H/F is a 2 piece design. I'm still happy with the H/F engines as I already have enough clearance issues here in Montana with only a 2" drop. Any lower on the oil pan and I'd probably be replacing engines.

            Also like Raf said old with the old, as it just fits better. Honestly there are a ton of people (tuners and builders) who honestly prefer the H engines over all of the K engines. There are H engines running well over 1000+ HP on stock heads, intakes, sleeves, valves, and fuel rails. So all of these things that the K is supposedly better at, isn't really true.
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              I am planning on building a skid plate to protect the oil pan and yeah it does sit a bit taller. One thing I like about the k series it how much lighter it is and it really is a surpirior engine compared to older f and h series , there are so many benefits to going k series I wouldn't go back even though k series can be expensive. I am keeping ac in the car too
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