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#1_M.I._CARLOS : 1991 Accord EX (2)

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  • #1_M.I._CARLOS
    this car was sold to be able to buy the new wagon.
    what I hated most was selling it to a non tuner

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  • Wickit
    nice sedan bro, i like the rear end, very unique as well! I'd hate not being able to drive that beauty!

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  • cb7 dohc
    she looking good carlos

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  • #1_M.I._CARLOS
    i hate not driving this car
    it just sits at home after all the work i did to it

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  • #1_M.I._CARLOS
    car finished

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  • #1_M.I._CARLOS
    Originally posted by Jarrett View Post
    Your car was faster after putting a spaghetti noodle bend in the exhaust and a heavier bumper on the back? Profound.
    lmao yeah

    my guess was that the old pipe was probably full of carbon so a clean one gave it a good kick

    also the lip only weights about 6 pounds so i doubt it affected the performance

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  • Jarrett
    Your car was faster after putting a spaghetti noodle bend in the exhaust and a heavier bumper on the back? Profound.

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  • #1_M.I._CARLOS
    started a topic #1_M.I._CARLOS : 1991 Accord EX (2)

    #1_M.I._CARLOS : 1991 Accord EX (2)

    CAR 2

    1991 EX sedan
    i got this car about a week after selling my old LX, it drove pretty good, it was automatic and because it had the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT on i was able to knock out $500 off the price.

    ive given this car to my brother and since the whole motor has been replaced and its running like a champ now (other than the seat belt) the damn thing wont work and the seat belt stays down it needs a new motor.

    when i firts got it

    for those who saw my thread on the experimental rear lip, it went on this car
    it took some very heavy mods

    bought a bumper at the junk yard.
    i decided to use the 92 93 bumper cause its a bit more round.

    i don't know if you can see what i did here but i curved the edges of the lip to go higher to the bumper at the corners
    good or should it all be straight?

    bolted on

    here is my issue

    still trying to figure out what im gonna do about the exhaust.

    this is how i left it today cause it got dark

    finished the bumper today.

    i was at it since 7am and finished around 4pm

    ok well let me take you step by step of what i did (since last time)

    i finished up the rear lip install on the bumper

    i removed the inner clips on the rear lip so it wont leave any bumps

    once i was done with that i cut the lip off from the cb7 bumper and just left the edges of it

    after that i cut the rear lip to fit the bumper, about an inch on each side

    then i covered up all the holes i made during my trial and error

    lastly i primed the whole thing

    that last post was what i did on the 7th

    this is what i did today (8th)

    took the car to the shop to get the muffler relocated.

    i was under the impression that it was gonna be expensive but it was only 30 bucks

    as it was

    the guy said that it was easy to do
    he tucked the muffler about 3 inches further back and bent a pipe to redirect it where i needed it to be

    step 1 move the muffler further back

    step 2 bend the pipe and test it out

    as you can see it now sits closer to the corner of the bumper and a bit lower
    in the pic it looks like its right on the corner but its not, just close

    step 3
    weld it back together

    my concern was that the pipe might make it louder or maybe affect the performance in a bad way but as i drove out of there i realized that not only was it quieter but also faster... who knew

    on the works
    legend lip
    fog lights
    custom tails
    arm rest
    new wheels...
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