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deevergote : 1992 Accord LX

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    deevergote : 1992 Accord LX

    Here's the info:

    -1992 Honda Accord LX
    -Phantom Gray
    -Odometer reads 227,500

    -Fresh coat of Phantom Gray (7/01/06) (thanks to Maaco )
    -JDM 1 piece lights with an Audi HID projector retrofit (thanks to icedplaya123 and iceking66)
    -17" Bronze Falken Hanabi, Falken Ziex tires.
    -Red valve cover w/ mooncuts (thanks to DrLove'sKuDang)
    -Custom bronze plug cover. (thanks to 93twodoorLX)
    -Colormatched grill (professionally painted) with a bronze mesh insert.
    -Fiber Images OEM style Carbon Fiber hood (thanks to 90cb7beast)

    ---Engine & Performance---
    -JDM H22A (1994) swapped in at 166,000 miles. (
    -AEM CAI (Prelude. Yes, it fit perfectly)
    -Custom 2.5" exhaust system with dual-tip stainless muffler
    -Unorthodox Racing crank pulley
    -NGK Irridium IX plugs
    -95 P28 ECU, chipped and tuned (in person) by MRX
    -3500 RPM full throttle launch (thanks to MRX)
    -Fushigi Race Engineering short shifter (thanks to elchulo583 and fushigi RES)
    -NGK Blue plug wires (thanks to elchulo583)
    -XTD Stage 3 clutch and 12lb flywheel (thanks to cp[mike] and doctorcipher for the installation help!)

    -Pioneer DEHP5500MP
    -Rear Pioneer TS-E1690 3-way speakers
    -Front Pioneer TS-163P 2-way speakers

    ---Suspension and Brakes---
    -H&R Race springs (thanks to P M )
    -Koni Yellow shocks (thanks to P M )
    -Brembo slotted & drilled OEM size rotors
    -NAPA sourced ceramic pads
    -Megan Racing front strut bar (thanks to jak frostwhite)

    --Future Plans--
    *Parts I have*
    AEM cam gears (thanks to losimus)
    Collective Racing traction bar (thanks to h22sparkle)
    Filled OEM mounts (thanks to uslspct)
    Innovate LM-1 [COLOR=DimGray] (thanks to Bisimoto - not really to 'install', but I have yet to use it)
    15" Nitto racing slicks (thanks to primocb7)
    CD5 lip (thanks to 93twodoorLX)
    JDM sidemarkers (thanks to AccoredWarrior)
    Extra JDM H22 head (thanks to peego)
    Pioneer 10" sub and a Phoenix Gold (I think? ) amp (thanks to 93twodoorLX)

    *Parts I plan to get*
    Bisimoto 'street' header
    Quaife LSD
    Rear disc brakes
    Front and rear sway bars (Progress or ST, I have to see which will suit my needs best)
    Camber kit!

    Cams, valvetrain, headwork, and forged internals are in the distant future. I haven't decided for sure the specifics of this just yet. Bisimoto, Collective Racing, and All About Performance (local shop) are the top 3 on my list.

    -CB7tuner Clubs-
    HSHO #1
    Phantom Grey Crew #2
    PTAC #5
    Mike Crew #5 - Deev - co-executive vice chancellor in charge of overseeing

    talk about a sleeper. You definately have to drop it soon. Then do some little DIY's and you'll be good to go.


      Nice sleeper. Keep up the good work man.
      "I'm out for presidents to represent me"


        i cant really decide if your in it for performance or just cause.....

        i was reading on your site that you wanted to get lsd? why didnt you just pay extra to have the lsd tranny? prob cheaper that way then getting an aftermarket lsd...but its prob to late now...

        did you do the swap your self or pay a shop?

        pretty nice sleeper overall except for the license plate....

        and i cant wait to see what you do next, sounds like your gona kit it out or something...

        dont mean to sound rude, just asking questions...
        H22 Prelude VTEC 92-96 200 161 10.6:1 87 90 DOHC VTEC 2157 JDM

        190.3whp 155 wtq - with bolt ons, and a dc header

        ET=14.457 @ 94mph w/ 2.173 60Fter


          Nah, I'm gonna keep it as close to stock as possible. I wasn't thrilled with the huge fart-pipe that I had to get, but I needed the airflow. That's why I went with the dual tip, since it's closer to the body. No kit, no tint, no chrome 19s, no ghetto-boomer subs, no vinyl decals or stickers... A carbon fiber hood is about it, and that's only because my current hood is shot. It'll blend right in with the color of the car anyway.

          I'll be dropping it a little, about 1.2" (Eibach Pro-Kit), and I plan on getting some Koni yellows. As for wheels, I plan on getting some JDM ITR rims (96, I think, are the proper botlt pattern...) and some Falken Ziex tires. I'm considering painting the rims when I get em, but I'm not sure... I probably won't. I'm just not a huge fan of white!

          As for the license plate, I photochopped that... I don't want my plates floating around the internet, and it looks better that way than if I put a big black box over it. (and I was bored...)

          I paid a shop for the swap (and got hosed... the estimate was $500-$1000 for labor... came to $1750... but I haven't had any problems, so at least I got what I paid for!) I don't trust myself enough yet to do something like that... and I would have to use my friend's dad's equipment... I hate borrowing, and since i wouldn't know how long it would take me, I wouldn't want to keep a 6'7" man from his Chevelle too long! As it is, it took the shop 2 weeks to figure it out. The guys that did it came from a Honda dealership, and said they did stuff like that before. Apparently they didn't quite know what they were doing. I had to do a ton of research, and get a little help from Wille (of and I think I had to tell them how to wire the thing, as well as tell them how to hook up the fuel system...

          I tried to get the LSD tranny, but Steve from HMO said he was out of em, and probably wouldn't have em in for another 3 months. I couldn't wait that long, since the F22 tranny was starting to go... and the money was already borrowed. I'm also glad that I didn't wait, because I started shopping for a house 3 months later. I never would've gotten the swap if I knew I was buying a house! I was told that an aftermarket LSD would be better than the stock one anyway. I'll just do that when I get a new clutch and flywheel... waaaay down the road (hopefully!)

          Thanks for the feedback, and for checking out the site! No questions are rude if they make sense... And I agree, the plate is a bit cheesy!
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            Dude alright! i was kinda scared by some of the coments you made in your first post..."It's not much to look at (yet), but there it is!" kinda made me think you were gona kit it out!

            also i thought ITR rims were 5 lug?

            and also dont get ziEXS! the suck ass in the rain! omg,

            get paradas for something! even falkedn azanies!

            i have ziexs and they suck! suck! not worth 120-40 dollars, what i paid for them...
            wow! that was alot of money for the

            nice job!

            H22 Prelude VTEC 92-96 200 161 10.6:1 87 90 DOHC VTEC 2157 JDM

            190.3whp 155 wtq - with bolt ons, and a dc header

            ET=14.457 @ 94mph w/ 2.173 60Fter


              Really? The Ziexs suck? I was looking on some tire site (1010, or, or one of those) and comparing reviews. I was originally gonna get some Yokohama Avid T4s, but the Ziexs had better ratings. I was planning on getting the all season ones, rather than the performance ones, since I get some crazy weather in Jersey. Plus, they supposedly last longer, and I drive a hell of a lot!

              The 96 ITR rims are 4x114.3. The later ones are 5, and the earlier ones are 4x100. I'm not sure if any other years had the size I need, but I know for sure that the 96s do. I think 93accordEX had em at one time...

              As for looks, I just meant that it's all banged up and rusted in some spots... the usual spot over the wheel well, and my hood has a huge blemish where the paint cracked (a guy in my band decided it would be cool to jump on my hood, denting the hell out of it and cracking the paint...)
              I plan on repainting it the same color, and just keeping it nice. Kits and fancy paint don't do anything for me, and it's just too damn expenisve for something I can't feel!

              and yeah, I got raped on the installation...


                please! i live in washington! its snowing right now and im still running prob shouldnt.... the reason they last so long is cause they are hard as hell!

                H22 Prelude VTEC 92-96 200 161 10.6:1 87 90 DOHC VTEC 2157 JDM

                190.3whp 155 wtq - with bolt ons, and a dc header

                ET=14.457 @ 94mph w/ 2.173 60Fter


                  hey man nice car
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                    Yeah, that's kinda what I'm going for. That's why I really don't care how bad it looks at the moment. I know it'll never be insanely fast, but I DO hope to get it running low 12s eventually. I don't care to go any faster than that (since I would need a cage...) It's fun having an ugly car that's fast. You expect speed from a car with lots of visual mods (and often don't get it, since the owner spent all his money on looks) but from something that looks like junk... I still lose most stoplight races though. Mainly because I don't know the other guy wants to race, or because I just don't care to risk my life or license doing it.

                    I guess it's time to start looking for some different tires... I want some decent all-season, semi-performance tires that will last me at least 30-40k... Am I asking for too much? (oh yeah, under $75 each as well :P)


                      Damn I love sleepers

                      My members ride thread


                        Where did my profile post go? I couldn't find it on the original list, but it was there when I searched!


                          I'm tired as hell now, and I want to document the research I've done tonight... Plus, I want some feedback on my plans!

                          I have very limited cash at the moment. I'm at the point where I figured out exactly what I spend to live, pad it a little for emergencies, and then set aside the rest for spending... of course on the car! Here are the things I've found:

                          $250 roughly for a Phantom Grip LSD thingy. I know it's not a real LSD, but from what I've read it will suit my purposes till I can afford something better.

                          $490 shipped for an Exedy organic clutch and an 11.9 lb XACT flywheel. I want the heavier flywheel so I don't fall out of the powerband, especially when I add a turbo.

                          $659-$699 for Koni Sport (yellow) shocks and springs. I'm still trying to decide which ones. has 3 packages with the Konis. B&G lowers 1.6 in, and is the cheapest at $659. Eibach Pro-Kit lowers 1.2 in, and is $679. H&R lowers 1.75 in. front and 1.5 in. rear, and is $699.... I'm not sure how low I wanna go! The Eibach deal was what I was leaning towards for the longest time.

                          Finally, some body work and a fair paint job (same color) at Maaco for $620. They're running a special, so I can get their Presidential job (one up from the cheapie Ambassador) for $250... and the rest is labor, including a terrible cancer spot on my rear quarter panel, and stripping my roof and rear decklid.

                          I know I have some questionable plans here, and I think I have my reasons for them. I'd appreciate any feedback on anything! Preferrably if you know what you're talking about (I get a lot of "I heard Phantom Grip sucks...") Any better prices than I'm looking at would be cool too. I think I shopped pretty smart, but I could've missed something!


                            you should go for the h&r springs it will look alot better its not to much but not to little
                            cb7 sold
                            2002 mineral gray mustang gt not stock
                            95 accord lx daily driver


                              I think the color is called Phantom Grey.. my buddy has the same color and just dropped the H22 in his car yesterday.. that's strange but how much was your engine?

                              I love sleepers!
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                              .. i HAD more shaved on my accord than your girl does on her entire body..