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    Phantom Grey... sweet! I always wondered what the name was... That's pretty cool! I want to find the names and codes for all the paint colors used for CB7s... I saw a partial list around here somewhere.

    The complete swap (engine, tranny, ECU, and other parts) was $2400 shipped to my shop from I didn't get the paperwork I was promised, so I was kinda pissed about that. Other than that, it was an incredible deal. The engine was in perfect shape.

    It's just a shame I had to put a 2.5" exhaust system on it, with a loud 'ol fart pipe... The sound is nice and deep, but it takes away from the sleeper effect!


      ey bro what part of j3rZ u from!? check you email
      Patastinky's parting out thread. Everythings GOT TO GO!!

      c0up3z r3pr353n7 !!!1!



        I emailed you back... I'm in South Jersey.

        I also answered your question earlier in this post Hit me up on AIM. I'll be glad to talk about stuff.


          heres some updated pics of mikes car he just got it back from macco they did a great job these pics dont do it justice
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            oh shi+! nice job maaco. how much did that cost ya? was it the special offer thing they got? where the hell is maaco anyway? hehe


              Sweet! My car is shiny!

              I just called them about a couple imperfections... Not really so friendly now that they already have my money Anyway, overall they did an incredible job. It's the Maaco in Turnersville NJ, same place 92accordDX had his done 2 years ago. It was the Presidential job, at half price Plus a whole lot of body work... They fixed a HUGE cancer spot in my passener rear quarter panel, and it's nearly perfect. There doesn't seem to be any overspray at all. There was one scratch on the car that looked like someone walked by while it was tacky and brushed it with a zipper... Not bad, and it'll probably wax out. There are two other spots that look like they might lead to peeling, so I'm going back on Tuesday afternoon to have them take a look (and raise hell if need be!)


                WOW your car is transformed!! looks very very good, i cant wait to see it tomorrow in person! i think those pics just about persuaded me to take a trip to maaco- what was the total price u paid for the whole job?

                really, congradulations mike... your car looks straight, clean, shiny, and very sexy.

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                  I paid $621 for the whole deal, plus the cost of a replacement hood ($43 from Certifit). The paintjob was $250, and the rest was body repair and tax. They fixed the cancer spot (5 hours) stripped the roof (2 hours... brought down from 3...) and partially stripped the trunk lid (1 hour). So, 8 hours of work at $32 an hour or so, and the $250 paint job. (I'm short $100 there somewhere, but they took my estimate )

                  I'm gonna get up early as hell tomorrow morning and wash everything else... and rinse the dust off the paintjob. Hopefully 93twodoorLX will help me


                    Originally posted by fliplyricist1
                    Damn I love sleepers
                    Me2.....I think the pro kit with some konis will go nicely along with some wheels. Very clean I would hit up that engine bay with some simple green and some elbow grease to show off that h22 to a another proud cb7 owner. Any dyno runs? Any goodies in the motor? You could do a 5th gen (96-97) lip and amber corners just small adjustments and maintain the sleeper look. Overall looks really good.
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                      looks great, i might just go to maaco to get them to fix a couple dents i have
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                        I actually have a 5th gen lip that 92accordDX gave me... It's a stock 94-95 lip though. It looks good held up to the car, so I can't wait to put it on!

                        I've decided against the pro-kit now, since the drop is so slight. I want a slightly lower look, probably 1.75 (like our beloved h22sparkle ) H&R springs will give me that... Konis are a definite though.

                        Engine bay was hit with simple green today, so it looks pretty good... needs lots more work though!

                        Motor goodies and dyno runs/tuning are yet to come... suspension first, then wheels, transmission (lsd, clutch, flywheel)... then a full build for turbo.

                        And I'll be getting new corners soon as well... probably ambers.


                          Ok, the amber corners are in And I'm short one extra power steering pump, as well as an extra Prelude shifter...

                          Anyway, in addition to the corners, I also have a Neuspeed short shift adapter installed (to hold me over till I can afford the real thing, anyway). And whenever it's nice enough outside, and time permits, I'll be installing a 5th gen lip. Thanks Jay!


                            no problem mike im glad i could help ya out thanks for the lude shifter and ps pump you saved me alot
                            cb7 sold
                            2002 mineral gray mustang gt not stock
                            95 accord lx daily driver


                              hells yea that color is nice in person and i cant wait for the next meet to see the lip and maybe a drop but "time will tell" thats my moto. damnit jay i wanted that prelude shifter assembly haha. mike where did you happen to find it



                                It came with the swap The adapter is pretty cool too... I'll want to get a real shifter eventually, but that'll work...

                                Jay, we should see if we can get a group buy thing going on the 4bidden one (that's what you're going for, right?) We would make 2, and I'm sure there are plenty of people who would want to get one... What are they normally, $160 or something?

                                Also, I'm looking to do the 9005-9006 Silverstar conversion. $20 a pop for the bulbs is the best I can find. Does anyone know where I can get em for less? I think I'll just do the regular driving lights for now, since I rarely use my high beams...