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    what suspension set up do you have cuz i jus switched to lowering springs the ride is way better but the ride height sucks im gonna have to cut the springs or go back 2 my skunks.


      It's listed in the mod list on the first page.

      KYB AGX shocks and H&R Sport springs. The drop is about 1.75". Not too much, but the way I drive, I can't have any lower! I still whack my collector on everything.

      Whatever you do, don't cut your springs. The springs are made with a certain spring rate, and when you cut them you destroy what the engineers planned. That means your car will be low, but your ride will suck... All handling advantages given by the springs will be out the window. Coilovers are good, but I personally don't like em unless they are very high end ($1,000 or more, usually). Springs are reliable performance-wise, and a $200 set of springs has a more responsive spring rate than a $300 set of coilovers.


        Bump for Deever...we need new pics of the car man.



          Ain't that the truth!

          I'll try to get some this weekend. I have an extra day off (woohoo to no money!) so I should have time. My roommate wants me to kill the film in his camera, and my mom said I could borrow her digi... And 92accordDX might help me out if I ask nicely as well!


            yo deev, let me know if they run another special on the body work. i'm getting things together now, but damn i don't wanna get painted till at least march-april.
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              Bump for some new pics


                Mmm..Love the car dude....I like the new rims on it too!! Bronze..~~~drroooollzzz~~~

                Honestly tho man, I think the car would look even better if you lower it a bit more.....I don't know, I'm just a sucker when it comes to lowered cars...hehehe..I want as little gap as possible between the tires and the fenders..Haaha..That's just me tho...You using H&R Sports right?

                Anyways.....I think the car seriously looks dope bro Oh and I love the H22A too... hehehehe


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                  Yeah, I'm on H&R Sports... It will probably settle a little bit more. It's only been a few months. I plan on getting some 45 height tires. The ones on there now are 40s, which are a little thin for me.

                  I can't drop it any more than that, or I'll destroy it. Hell, I hit a deer chunk last night and ripped my lip in half!

                  You reminded me, I have to put a pic of my engine bay! [IMG] [/IMG]
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                    like the sleeper look just too plain for me i like the bronze color not those wheels at all H22 all the way dont know what else to say but check out my ride tell me what you think


                      Not really an update, but I want to bump anyway

                      I'm graduating in a couple weeks, and I'll have a year and a half before grad school to work my ass off. That means that my cars (and my house) will get some new goodies!

                      For the CB7 (which is all that matters here) I plan on getting:

                      Exedy clutch and 11.9lb XACT flywheel
                      P28 - chipped, of course (duh! )
                      Custom in-car computer system (working on that now...)
                      Romulator (see where I'm going with this? )

                      and something secret (probably before the other expensive stuff above)... something that will cost me about $300.

                      Just felt like talking about my plans. Any suggestions on what to do next would be great!


                        ...needs more cowbell


                          I find the cowbell very distracting...


                            yeah SlaM iT!!!!!


                            buy my jdm part


                              Ok, just an update on my plans...

                              Nothing is being done just yet, but these are the ideas I'm throwing around in my head. I'm writing them down here for two reasons... One, so I can share with you guys. Two, so I don't forget what it is I want to do! For those of you that know me, I have a million ideas a day, and I forget all about many of them.

                              So, here we go:

                              I've been thinking about a RHD conversion. I could get a clip cheap, and sell the engine, transmission, and all the other goodies to make up for a good deal of the losses. Hell, I already have a potential buyer for the engine and transmission!

                              Underbody neon/LED lights... Amber. I actually prefer blue, but the amber would go with my bronze theme very nicely

                              Amber interior lights a la cpmike For the same reasons as the underbody lights.

                              Chipped P28 - for obvious reasons.


                                ur selling ur h22!? why!?

                                whoo! finally an official cb7tuner member!