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fliplyricist1 : 1993 Accord 10th A.E.

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    fliplyricist1 : 1993 Accord 10th A.E.

    ************Updated June 6, 2006*************


    Neuspeed Race coils on koni yellows
    16 inch Enkei ER01's DIY fully polished w/ pirelli p6 205/50/16's


    Generic ebay short ram w/ custom cold air setup
    Generic upgraded plug wires


    DIY 6th gen civic Mugen style lip
    DIY one piece Stanley headlight blackhousings w/ amber corners and yellow high beam
    Acura TSX retrofit w/ custom e46 xenon shrouds, foreground limiter removal mod, fully polished front bowl, washer modded w/ 4300k OSRAM bulbs
    DIY Custom Chargespeed grill from a 92-93 grill
    DIY bumper lights and amber sidemarkers
    DIY red/clear taillight mod w/ simultaneous and alternating flashers for the brake lights and turn signals.


    nothing (not even a HU)

    Future plans:

    DIY 5th gen accord sideskirts
    DIY fiberglass Mugen style trunk lip spoiler like the 5th gen Mugen lip spoilers w/ integrated Honda emblem
    H duece
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    My members ride thread

    very nice indeed.

    awesome paint job. i love the green.... 'tis ultra clean.

    i was going to ask you about your stock wheels... i wanted to know how you got the paint to look so damn shiny, but the mod list explains it

    i might have to add a few more coats to mine.

    a carbon fiber hood would look nice on your cb7.


      thanks a lot man...can only hope to get it to one day attain the level of pimp status your 'ccord has

      Yeah dude, I put a ton of clearcoat on it...prolly shouldn't have been so hasty and put them on the day after when I first did em. Paint was still tacky a day later and the paint on one rim totally wrinkled and melted off while driving haha. I think it takes like 2 or 3 days for them to totally cure when putting on massive amounts of clearcoat, but hopefully I won't have to redo my rims anytime soon.

      p.s.: your flat black rims are incredibly nice...totally remind me of rota subzeros

      older pics:

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      My members ride thread


        alright finally made it to the site, sweet clean car...hella shinny....thats the look id like to go for...

        are u filipina? <---saying it with a fob accent LOLZ!!
        What makes me laugh about forums, is that no matter how much you try to help someone, they dont take the advice. Go ahead and do it the hard way.

        You got to respect what you drive, and appreciate what you have, making the best of what you got. and if that means putting CAI, HID's, a phat stereo system, and a idiot in the drivers seat...then so be it!



        I love nooBs...They make me look good


          Originally posted by fliplyricist1
          p.s.: your flat black rims are incredibly nice...totally remind me of rota subzeros
          ha, thanks man... i still think they can use a little more clearcoat. i really like how yours look; very professional.

          i've gotta get off my lazy ass sometime soon and perform that black housing headlight DIY too. looks mean!


            Originally posted by accordtunerx
            a carbon fiber hood would look nice on your cb7.
            or some decent hood scoops

            nice car man. your tails look great with your paint and of course ima huge fan of the stock wing. good job, keep it up

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              ahh... ninjacookies has arrived... *tips off hat*

              welcome to the board, Pare.

              - black92accord
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                Get ready guys, he's gonna take over the Off-topic section!!!!! J/K (u know u are!) LOL!! Really sweet clean ride! I have always been a big fan of the red/clears. Welcome, 'bout time you made it.

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                  nice ride man.. keep it up..

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                    Nice ride. I love the wheels. Paint looks good too. Looks almost like stock but it has a little more flare to it. All the mods look great. Keep up the good work.


                      Very clean. Keep up the good work.
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                        very nice and shiny man, love the color.
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                          welcome to the site! i've seen your car on a number of other sites well. make sure you check out all the different forums on here- something for everybody.

                          back to the subject at hand though, the car looks good. those wheels look very good. the car is clean, which seems to be a growing trend with the cb7. in any event, good job with the ride so far, best of luck in the progress of it.

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                            Nice car. I love the paintjob. The wheels look awesome. I have been wanting some of those wheels for my car for a while. Can't wait to see the H22 in there. Car looks great.
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                              yes those headlights and corners look soo goood, not too mention the car itself, superb!