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fliplyricist1 : 1993 Accord 10th A.E.

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    Yep, I want to do the DIY blacked out headlight housings now!!
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      i know i said it once but i fucking love your car man. I want those rims. Fuck i love your car. beautiful, just beautiful. Your sig rules too man.
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        looks good man.


          Thats not really my style, but it still looks good. Good job on the headlights, they look really good. Really clean car. Who would've thought 10+ year old factory parts could actually still look good. Good luck on future mods. Jay
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            what size tires you got on there?


              thanks for the feedback/ suggestions fellas

              I definitely want to get a cf hood, but that's like way down the road due to the price, and right now getting new struts/alignment and the h22 are my primary objectives before any cosmetic mods. I'm not really in a rush either, due to the fact I'm probably never gonna sell the car...prolly just keep it as the grocery getter if I ever get a newer ride (lose too much money in the secondary my car insurance just dropped in half due to my record/ being 24).

              The tires are stock size 205/55 potenzas...I woulda gone lower profile but my parents paid for them back in the day so I can't complain. Ideally I'd like a new set of rotas in 16's, but again that's far down the road from here.

              Thx again for the feedback guys and hope to see more pics of your rides as well

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                I don't think CB7's were that clean out of the factory...your car is a show winner IMO...

                How much did it cost to get your moldings/lip painted? I'm thinking of going that route after the drop...

                Originally posted by lordoja
                im with you on that one bro! aint nothing beat free food and drinks any day of the week, even if its at a funeral


                  Sweeeeeeet! love the diy mods, crazy to think u did it ur self cuz they look really good.


                    thanks a bunch for the comments guys, but my car is farrr from a show winner lol I just try to keep it clean as I can and the mods as tasteful as I can (though tasteful is subjective, but most of the people's cb7's in my area are the same blah blah bling bling rims and chome this/chrome that) beauty is in the eyes of the beholder ...

                    about the lip/moldings...all in all it cost me about probably 60 bucks to do it, about 12 cans of color match dupli color spray paint and some adhesive promotor and some 400gritt and 800 gritt sheets of sandpaper

                    it really was a pain in the ass since I moved out of the house and my parents wouldn't let me use the garage so I had to do it in the apartment and my girlfriend just about killed me

                    took me about 2 weeks to do the whole car since I did the sideskirts one weekend and the front and rear lips another weekend

                    I need to redo the front lip and the 2 front mudflaps though as I've managed to scrape them up a bit when I first dropped my car and didn't know how to handle inclines : /

                    I kinda hate those pics because the amber corners on the euro sidemarkers looks gaudy...I'll try and take pictures of the car tomorrow with the new mods after I wash n' wax, hopefully if the weather permits

                    thanks again for the feedback guys...and props to ya'll for having some damn nice cb7's as well

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                      I'm just happy to see other CB7's with the same color as me. Also, you showed me how good the red/clear tails look on our color. Keep up the good work man.
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                        looks great man, your paint is in perfect condition
                        i like the color you put on your rims 2

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                          thanks again man

                          1crawlin...dude I always thought you had an aftermarket light blue paint...maybe it's just my monitor...always looked good though

                          anyways, I spent about 4 good hours today washing and doing the 3 step polish/swirl remover/wax job today and was bored and took some pics

                          newest mods : diy jdm amber painted sidemarkers
                          diy blackout grille
                          tokiko illuminas up front ...still waiting to find a good deal for some rear struts
                          new set of 92-93 red/clear tails (my left tail on my old set got pretty messed up with water : / )

                          not much else...was thinking about getting a mugen knockoff lip but I'm pretty much dropped about 2.5 inches now that the springs have settled and I would break it in a few days garaunteed

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                            Lookin' Good


                              damn thats beutiful. now i think thats cleaner than my car.
                              What makes me laugh about forums, is that no matter how much you try to help someone, they dont take the advice. Go ahead and do it the hard way.

                              You got to respect what you drive, and appreciate what you have, making the best of what you got. and if that means putting CAI, HID's, a phat stereo system, and a idiot in the drivers seat...then so be it!



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                                still lookin dope dood
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                                i was driving along today and the check engine light came on.
                                i pulled over and looked under the hood.
                                the engine was still there...
                                ...silly light!