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    Jking72 : 1992 Accord EX

    Well I've been here long enough time for a MRT, Its not pretty by any means but she's mine. She's my DD.
    Bought it in May 2010 for $1000, clean title, no accidents.
    I haven't taken alot of pics but I will soon...the sense of pride is building strong.
    I finally feel like I've accomplished enough to post a MRT.

    -F22a1 313,xxx kms
    -Generic Short Ram w/AEM Filter
    -p12 Auto ECU
    -60mm Yonaka Catback
    -Front Upper Generic Strut Tower Bar(black)

    -HOA Silver Badges
    -Legend coupe lip
    -OEM 92-93 Headlights w/Sylvynia Silverstar Xenon zXe
    -Depo 92-93 Corner lights
    -OEM Seattle Silver Paint
    -5% Limo Tint(poorly done)
    -Silver Accord License Plate Cover
    -Red Honda Badges
    -OEM 92-93 Grill w/chrome Trim removed to make room for RED H Emblem
    -eBay rain guard door visors

    -LED dome light
    -OEM Maroon Interior
    -Michelin Rubber all season floor mats(rains alot)
    -Momo Steering Wheel cover

    -Koni Str.t (oranges)
    -Neuspeed sports
    -Poly bushings everywhere
    -Progress Rear Sway Bar
    -Winter 14" Steel Wheels painted Bronze
    -BF Goodrich Advantage 185/70-14
    -Summer 16" Enkei 10 Spoke
    -Yokohama Parada S-spec 2 205/45-16
    -Kenwood Excelon KDC-X996
    -4-12" Kenwood Excelon subs
    -Hertz HDP5 5 Channel AMP
    -Exile 2500w AMP
    -Kenwood 6.5's All around 70w RMS x4

    Future Plans(No Particular Order)
    -Redo Tint(professionally this time)
    -JL Grille(paint Matched or Black)
    -OEM Foglights
    -Projector Kit w/HID's
    -Possible Replace rear Quarter Panels Due to massive Cancer Issues(depends on $$$$)
    -H23 Intake Manifold(Aquired)
    -Camber Kit for the front(Aquired)
    -Magnaflow Hiflow Cat
    -DC Sports Header
    -Window Visors(done)
    -Fix A/C
    -Legend Dual Piston Calipers
    -OEM Flushmount OR Install My Vigor Spoiler
    -New Tires for Both Sets Summer to 205-50 or 55 and Winter's to same
    -Resurface My 16"
    -Find Some OEM alloys for Winters
    -Replace Cracked Driver Side Lower Turn Signal
    -6x9 Speaker Pods and new 6x9 kenwood excelons
    -Upgrade Subs to custom Fiberglss box with 3-10" in Spare Tire enclosure
    -Depo Amber Corner Lights
    -Repaint Valve Cover
    -Replace OEM Honda badge
    -Red/Clear Tails
    -F&F Rear LCA
    -Replace Front upper Strut Bar
    -OEM Hood Bra
    -Replace steering wheel with a different model OEM or aftermarket Wheel
    -replace carpet from paint spill
    -Either Find a Donor car to interior swap with, Find a 97-99 CL to take seats from, Reupholster my own seats or if I win the Lotto(Katskinz)

    Pre Drop this Summer 2013

    Last summer 2012


    LED dome light at night

    Ballin Momo cover

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    1992 Accord EX(Canadian)Seattle Silver sedan

    MOD/Repair list
    December 2011-Transmission Flush
    January 2012-changed cap & rotor, spark plugs, valve cover gasket, PCV valve
    February 2012-Tinted windows on my own
    march 2012-replaced driver side inner door handle
    July 2012-Timing belt, water pump, seals
    September 2012-changed upper control arms and bushings
    October 2012-installed Short ram
    November 2012-HOA badges installed
    january 2013-rotor changed and pads
    may 2013-changed front sway bar bushings to poly
    June 2013-installed Yonaka catback
    august 2013-installed upper strut bar, p12 installed
    September 2013-changed cracked corner light, Installed Progress Rear sway bar
    October 2013-struts, springs, tie rod ends, ball joints upper control arm bushings to poly
    November 2013-wheel alignment, o2 sensor changed
    January 15th 2014 - changed drums and shoes
    January 20th 2014 - new Ngk plugs and wires, pcv valve and new cap and rotor. Installed different p12 ecu to rid CEL
    June 13th 2014-new subs and amp set up
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    1992 Accord EX(Canadian)Seattle Silver sedan


      wasn't raining today so I snapped a few shots

      Bay shot

      Yonaka muffler shot

      also got my o2 sensor today from rockauto $60 shipped, locally they wanted $120.96 with tax and that was with a discount, I told them to pound sand on that one.

      hopefully that gets rid of my CEL code 41.
      1992 Accord EX(Canadian)Seattle Silver sedan


        I see you're going in the right direction. Post more pics as the progress continue.


          Fixed my DRL, less light on my dash. only had to solder one connection...not bad for never soldering before, watched a 5 min youtube vid on the basics.

          added a shot of the subs and the ghetto L bracket holding it in place, just didn't want it moving around.

          What else does a Code 41 point toward? got a new NTK o2, sensor reset my ECU and still have the CEL same code.
          1992 Accord EX(Canadian)Seattle Silver sedan


            Nice to see you started a MRT!
            Keep your motivation going! I will keep an eye on this

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              Originally posted by AAPOQ View Post
              Nice to see you started a MRT!
              Keep your motivation going! I will keep an eye on this
              Thank you my good man, it's starting to feel like a newer car. Just a few minor issues left and I'll have no complaints.

              Once I get a new cat and header all my major issues are fixed, then I can start getting it looking how I want it to.
              1992 Accord EX(Canadian)Seattle Silver sedan


                small update time...

                got some door visors off eBay, the fit isn't perfect but the do what they are supposed to which is fine for now.

                I acquired a h23 IM which is double stacked and 1 set of butterflies are gutted and got another p12 to hopefully get rid of my code 41 which seems to be stuck on the current one.

                also have a tune up kit coming in a few days and Doing the drum shoes replacement before I have to move.

                on the topic of shoes, it seems to be like everything else once you take it apart its a bitch to put back, the drum doesn't seem to fit back around everything. I rotated the star gear to bring them closer together but it didn't tighten it enough....I'm stumped for tonight.

                the big spring on top that everyone seems to have trouble putting back on was one of the easier parts of the night lol on the plus side.

                1992 Accord EX(Canadian)Seattle Silver sedan


                  Today was tune-up day, new cap and rotor, NGK plugs and wires, PCV valve and installed the a different p12 (thanks Jarrett) and got rid of my CEL, finally no more lights on my cluster.

                  Progress is going to to come to a halt soon, moving to a duplex with NO garage, Lame.

                  Just be oil changes and gas from here on out.
                  1992 Accord EX(Canadian)Seattle Silver sedan


                    Coolio I would like HOA badges. Like the dome mod
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                      Originally posted by F20A CB7 View Post
                      Coolio I would like HOA badges. Like the dome mod
                      holy shit, I don't come here much I didn't even realize you commented lol

                      picked up a hood bra from F20A

                      new audio set up 4-12" kenwood excelons powered by a 2500w exile amp

                      hard to take a good shot of this giant box, I officially have no trunk space left lol
                      1992 Accord EX(Canadian)Seattle Silver sedan


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                          Either have to cut back or just box them up for deeve, I've seen some talk around here that he likes them as presents
                          1992 Accord EX(Canadian)Seattle Silver sedan