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    Yeah, there are three. The one in the garage is my previous main coupe that this one replaced. The sedan is a 1992 LX that came from the factory with an F22A6, PT6, vacuum-assist rear mount, intake bypass at the air box and EX/SE-diameter exhaust. It was purchased from a friend who bought it as a driver and then soon wanted something else. It will eventually be sold to another friend so I don't really claim it. I've done a ton of work to it, though. It has blue leather panels, rear disc brakes, EX rear crossmember and Vigor rear sway bar, urethane sway bar bushing and end links and lots more little knick-knacks. I even have another Arcadia green LX coupe out at a friend's that has an H22A swap that I purchased that way. So, I have a surplus and would like to get down to one very soon. I have other cars I need to get running or sell in the meantime, though.
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      Awesome find on this beauty man . What amazes me the most is the dedication you put into finding specifically what you where after. And the trip you took just to go see it and ultimately buy it is badass. You passed right through my lil town In Oregon off of I84. Wish I would of seen this thread earlier, would of been nice meeting up for a bit.

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        That really means a lot coming from you. It seems that your own cars are a model of your dedication to the platform as well. I have two main cars that I consider my project cars at this point. To be immersed in the communities of both platforms and having your interests drawn in both directions can be taxing on a wallet. To see what you've accomplished with your own is impressive.

        After seeing that part of the country for the first time, I've not made my last trip there. Getting to drive along the Columbia for so long was just awesome. My girlfriend is looking for a particular Subaru Outback, too, and if there's one thing I learned while up there in the PNW it's that there's a good chance we'll find it up there. So, I may make another trip before too long. Besides, I didn't get to visit all the food trucks that I wanted to.
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          Only problem with subarus up here is there usually a couple grand more then in other places. I was looking for a forester xt and all of them in Washington and Oregon were several grand more then in say California and Idaho.

          Let me know if you need another car checked out, more then glad to help

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          Wimp go low or go home haha
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          Not a single fuck was given that day.


            Impressive Jarrett.
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              Just a little bit of repair work done this weekend. Had to replace this:

              Conventional wisdom around here has been to use a gasket from a late 90s Subaru and only in a couple of places is any real specificity given. The Percy's Seal-4-Good model is recommended and lauded as being "close enough". I've use a parts store version on my previous Accord and then again, recently, when I transferred the generic stainless header onto this car.

              I had to go to a company Christmas party at the swanky W Hotel in Dallas last weekend which is valet only. On the trip up there the gasket blew and created the condition you see above. It sounded like ass. I felt so sorry for the valet that had to drive my car as all of the guys before and after him had carted off twin-turbo X5s, Denalis and the like. There was even a Gallardo LP570 Spyder out front. I know it's small and tawdry to get embarrassed about things that just don't matter like that, but I wasn't listening to rational arguments. My poor girlfriend probably wondered if she was actually dating a girl at the time.

              Bottom line, save yourself the embarrassment and get this:

              If you own one of these, or knew about it already, then great. I didn't and have constantly read that our only options were to keep replacing the fibrous gaskets or to use the Subaru gasket. That is, if you could guess which one you were supposed to use.
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                shoot post that link over in tech and performance nice find.
                I'm running a fibrous one waiting for it to blow, now i know and knowing is half the battle.
                Educating each other one car at a time.


                  I wish i knew about that when I had my crx. Blew 2 gaskets on that thing. Pissed me off soo much lol


                    I had a decent 4-day break from work for New Year's Day so I came up to the house to work on some things. I actually got quite a bit done on this car as well as others, but I'll save some of the other progress for later. What I will show you is a bit of my redundant work. I dyed the carpet of my other coupe black and it's been sitting folded up on a shelf for a while now. It had some spots where the dye didn't fully take, but since that car was out of commission, I wasn't concerned. Now that I have this new coupe I wanted to redo the dye job and get it ready to install.

                    Soaking the carpet in hot water boiled in a large pot with a propane cooker. I have 4 bottles of Rit dye and two containers of iodized salt poured in as well. Use 6 bottles to be safe.

                    I recommend pulling it out of the water in an area where there is no grass because of the dye and salt. I'm getting ready to replace this deck in the next few months, so it's a perfect spot to drain dyed salt water. Hose the carpet off here first,
                    then take it to hang somewhere.

                    Once it's hanging, rinse it with a hose until the water runs clear. Let it air-dry for as long as your neighbors allow without calling the city on your white trash behavior.

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                      Haha, oh the neighbors.

                      I was curious how you felt about the pin stripes. I've never been a fan of them myself, but wondered what other people thought of them on here.
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                        I have mixed feelings on them. The ones on this car are aftermarket. The top stripe is black and the bottom is blue. This one won't be staying. On my previous coupe that can be seen in the garage photos the pin stripe has a tiny "H" Honda logo in it on the doors. I've never seen that on this generation Accord so I always thought that was pretty cool.

                        Regardless of how I feel about them, I would never go through the effort of applying a new one over fresh paint. So, if this car gets repainted, a new one will not be going back on.
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                          Here's a slight teaser of the large suspension/brake/wheel overhaul to come when I finally get to take vacation.

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                            i bought the ebay header, and that gasket you posted from jegs. thanks for the link. Ill be curious to see how it holds up


                              Will they clear your wheels?

                              YouTube Clicky!!


                                I couldn't care less if they cleared these circular paper weights. They'll clear my new ones, though!
                                My Members' Ride Thread - It's a marathon build, not a sprint. But keep me honest on the update frequency!