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lbus9168 : 1993 Accord Aerodeck

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    lbus9168 : 1993 Accord Aerodeck

    **updated January 2017**

    Hey guys.

    Hows it going. Picked up this 1993 (its plated 1994/5 but obviously its a 93) CB9 Aerodeck in January of this year. its been sitting for a while whilst ive worked on it slowly between work and other commitments. it had a fair few issues to begin with but im getting there now.

    on the day i picked it up:

    Current photo 2016:

    Current photo 2017:

    This is not my first honda. First honda was a 1997 Honda Prelude VTIR ( AUDM equivelent of a Base model), and I owned a 1997 Honda Integra Vtir (GSR).

    Mods/work so far:

    Power drivers side seat
    Fading dome light
    Light on with unlock signal
    New Sony radio (locks phone into place)
    3rd gen prelude steering wheel
    12" alpine subwoofer and amp
    Lots of maintenance and cleaning
    Jdm cupholder
    Custom 12v ACC port in glovebox
    Keyless entry
    Automatic window up + sunroof close with lock signal

    Usdm foglights with repinned harness to work with audm connectors
    Stock wheels
    Sedan Front bar

    Completely rebuilt front suspension including Brand new UCA and all ball joints, new tie rod ends, and all new bushes.
    New Wheel Bearings
    Tein street basics coilovers
    eBay window visors

    Also have replaced the automatic a while ago, I let it sit for a while hence lack of updates

    Future mods planned

    Jdm Map Lights
    Heated seats
    Illuminated door Window switches
    New audio setup
    Sound deadening
    Digital climate control conversion
    Custom steering wheel controls (access rfaswc)

    new antenna
    power folding mirrors
    Rear JARHEAD wing
    Front lip

    I will Update this thread as much as i can

    Thanks guys
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    sold! But here's my build thread for those interested.

    That is a super clean and rust free wagon! I wish I could find one, every wagon I've seen for sale now has ton of rust in the rear quarter panels. Quite a find you got there. Keep up the good work!
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      Thanks buddy! The only rust in the entirety of the car was the rear muffler which has already been replaced.
      sold! But here's my build thread for those interested.


        Damn clean cb9,
        Hope your moddin goes well.
        Educating each other one car at a time.


          I love that rear hatch. Especially since the inner tail lights arent as long.

          More pictures!


            Soon, installing a denso o2 tomorrow, I'll redo the front bumper gap to fit properly as well and I'll show my mild wire tuck.
            sold! But here's my build thread for those interested.



              Alright so I figured it might be time for a quick update, so far I've:

              Installed USDM cupholders with "custom" sizing (thanks mike h!)
              Installed a dome light delay (basically a capacitor so that when the doors are shut the light stays on for about ten seconds.)
              Alpine type S sub with some random 6" front speakers, removed the two rear 4" and the 6x9", and a new pioneer headunit
              Minor wire tuck
              Replaced the cargo bay hook with a functional one
              Replaced non functioning antennae with a generic powered one
              Detailed it to the shit house
              Minor rust fix (small amount on hatch hinge, hence removal d.I.y. writeup)
              "Installed" a sticker!!

              Now to the bad news.

              I recently went to Japan, and whilst I was there my friend was driving the car and apparently the trans has broken. No warning lights, starts working but fails when hot.

              I got it home today, I'll have to see what's happened.

              For now, have a couple pictures


              Also I bought another bloody Honda.

              $100 H22 VTIR Manual ATTS BB6!

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              sold! But here's my build thread for those interested.



                I hope the Trans fix goes smooth for you.
                From the pics it looks like that bb6 is LHD, or is it a photo illusion?
                Educating each other one car at a time.



                  I think the trans is a TCU error, as it used to no illuminate the d4/S light when it got a code (15 for the NC speed sensor which I cleaned and fixed)

                  The fact it doesn't do that makes me think its broken.

                  Can't check it for a couple.more days.
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                  sold! But here's my build thread for those interested.



                    I like how there is no rubber pads on the rear bumper step.

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                      Alright, time for an update!

                      So, the other day an accord popped up for $200 running, and registered, I went and picked it up.

                      92 EXI, sadly non 4ws

                      But it had a few goodies.

                      The first one is that the entire front end and mirrors had been replaced because a bus driver has run in to the car ( minor damage but the government just paid for it), and it had some nice floor mats and some other little bits in it. It has a lot of K's but the trans seems in great condition, so im going to swap it into my wagon (once I find out what parts you're meant to replace when changing it, I don't know much about auto's, any help here would be appreciated!)

                      So for today, I had a little project. OEM electric moving seats!

                      It took a lot of work to complete, because I had to swap my seat bottom and back over to the electric seat rail, and its a lot of work trying to do that without damaging anything, but here is the final result!

                      I'm really happy with it.

                      The best thing is that all of my broken parts on my wagon were all front end, so this will fix a lot of issues, and I've already made my money back in parts. Win win!

                      Can't wait to get my wagon back on the road, but I'm driving my intwgra at the moment so I'm not in too much of a hurry
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                      sold! But here's my build thread for those interested.



                        Wow... $200!? Steal.
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                          $200 Australian so more like $150 US
                          sold! But here's my build thread for those interested.



                            That doesn't make me feel any better... lol!
                            1993 Accord DX | Rosewood Brown Metallic


                              Originally posted by apalileo View Post
                              That doesn't make me feel any better... lol!
                              What about the $100 BB6 prelude! That's even crazier!

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