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    Originally posted by oneoffaccord View Post
    so weird for you to be CB less
    I know but the truth is, I've been without a CB for a while now. Sure I had one parked outside, but its been years since I've daily driven or worked on one for fun.

    Originally posted by tommi View Post
    Nice outback though
    Haha thanks :cringes:

    Originally posted by hiptech View Post
    That's too bad Mike. It's a shame it didn't work out...
    I've fantasized over the years of having a Cashmere coupe to match the 4-dr. But like you priorities keeping getting in the way. Keep the faith you never know what the future holds.
    Yeah I can appreciate that, for years I've fantasized over having a frost white coupe all done up. But there are lots of things in life that I wish I have/had and plenty of projects that never finished materializing. As I entered my 30's I started to accept that more and more. At this point I'd rather clear up my backlog of "old projects to finish" to make room for potential new ones that are more fitted to my current life situation/style.

    Originally posted by CyborgGT View Post
    I'm mainly curious if you're done with the 'car' thing, and are instead getting into fixing up that house you picked up. I think I remember you saying that was a project.
    I think it was unintentionally part of it. See my response above to hiptech - the house project is what made me realize that life will continue bringing new/different things to work on and deal with.

    Truth is, really it started with my distaste for the CRV since I moved west - I had every intention of building the CB, I only got the subaru to replace the CRV as my daily driver. Then the comfort, quality, speed, fun, and usefulness of the subaru made me realize that it satisfies all of my car requirements in one. I just couldnt see myself spending hours adding features and cleaning up a car that I don't use, when my daily driver already has everything and more. It certainly isn't the CB, but I learned that I am OK living with that (much to my own surprise)

    Once I had the subaru for a few weeks, and was 6+ months into the house project, it all coalesced into the realization that it was time to release myself from the attachment and burden of keeping my car and parts collection around.

    It will forever be a great memory, and I very much value my experience here and all of the cool people I've met over the years! But I think this marks the end of my 15-year CB7 involvement.

    Originally posted by Ralphie View Post
    Thus is life.

    I am stuck. Dying inside for a project car, but I bought a new house last year, have 2 kids, and two DD to maintain.

    Traded my Accord for a CRV to be more practical.

    Now im thinking I need to go the same route as Mike and trade this CRV in for a Subaru LOL.

    Similar options, but they come a little bit more loaded than this CRV.

    Im not digging sitting up so high, and the gas mileage is not as good as my Accord.

    I dont have a wife and kids (yet?) but a two-house duplex and 3 cars and a full time job plus other hobbies, sometimes you realize life keeps moving, and ya gotta just keep making the best decisions you can along the way. There is definitely nothing wrong with that! I'd even argue that it's a good thing.
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      Originally posted by cp[mike] View Post

      I dont have a wife and kids (yet?) but a two-house duplex and 3 cars and a full time job plus other hobbies, sometimes you realize life keeps moving, and ya gotta just keep making the best decisions you can along the way. There is definitely nothing wrong with that! I'd even argue that it's a good thing.
      Oh yea, I agree with that. I have no complaints. Just miss working on cars, like not just maintenance, but actually doing mods. Miss the feeling of accomplishment.

      But you are right. I get that satisfaction in other ways, and I have accepted that life takes you to different places. Right now all my money goes into the house, my kids, and any vacations we can scrape together as that will mean more to my kids down the road, than any toys or projects will mean to me.

      For all the reasons you listed about loving your Subaru, is why I am eager to try one out for a DD. I just picked up the CRV, but I had been toying with getting a Subaru before I picked up the Accord.

      Might have to wait a while, but I will either eventually replace the CRV with a Subaru or find a cheap older one to drive in the winter or for times I don't want to drive the CRV. Also the CRV is an auto and I miss driving a stick, so if I could afford to pickup a cheap Subi, then I could get one in manual and not worry about my wife being stranded eventually.


        Looks like the car's already up for sale again. This one photo still looks to have the CB7Tuner decal in place:


          I just read through your CB7 history and your two most recent MRTs, ending right here. It was a thorough journey and well put together for us readers. You definitely got hit with some tough circumstances along the way, culminating in the theft of grey coupe #7. I can tell that was your favorite, closely followed by #2 and the white coupe #5. I'm glad you still stick around here and contribute so much. Did you end up selling all of your parts in storage? I have a feeling it would be hard to part with all of that.

          I know I am a youngin' on this here forum (2014), but you, and others, have consistently come to my aid when I needed help. I want to personally thank you for doing that. Due to help like this, I have hit many milestones I never thought I would 5, or even 2, years ago. I swapped in the H myself, I started on the first try, and the car beats the snot out of vettes and S2000s at Laguna Seca. I never thought ANY of this would happen! I never thought I would do ANY of this! I certainly was and am inspired.

          I don't know much more about your story, but I wish you lived closer. Something in me wants to reignite the CB fire in you. I remember when you wanted to join our west coast road trip in 2015.

          Well, I couldn't help myself:

          *** Think of others before thinking of yourself. ***
          ********** Spread love, not hate. ***********
          ****Lift others up with kind and helpful words****

          F20A_CB7, I miss you, but I will see you one day.
          "Nothing a little prayer can't fix."

          Selling on Ebay!

          15.10 @ 90.42mph
          The quest for 9s ceased, now the goal is a circuit track monster!
          Current fastest Laguna Seca Lap: 1:52.889