This is a dedicated thread to our fellow members who have departed us. Their memory will forever be enshrined in our hearts and this forum. Please be respectful and not comment on this page. This page is meant for members of this great forum to view and appreciate the work our fallen brothers have done during their time on this earth.

Laz93se (Lazaro) Passed Away August 14, 2021

Coupes (Jerry Stephenson) Passed Away May 2019

Brsteinbach (Bryan) Passed Away November 9, 2018

Ray Atnip Passed Away September 2, 2018

F20A CB7 (Joshua) Passed Away December 13, 2015

AutoTek (Christian) Passed Away September 18, 2015

Silvershadow (Steve) Passed Away April 10, 2015

JDMDaniel240 (Daniel) Passed Away May 4,2013

Mayberry (Eric) Passed Away July 17, 2012

Hybridkyle (Kyle) Passed Away December 24, 2011

If I have missed anyone please pm myself or a mod and they will update this thread accordingly.