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Mitsubishiv5: 1993 Accord SE

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    Mitsubishiv5: 1993 Accord SE

    1993 honda accord SE candian spec
    Geneva Green 4 door
    Bar cartified h22 California friendly

    Im not sure if anyone on this forum remembers this car from back in the 2000s? Old owner was proJectcb7 i think? well my boy Carlos bought this car off of Damien and drove to socal to pick up a running car. Got it back and inspected it just to find out the car needed alot more loving than previously expected. My boy gave up on the car after finding out the shock towers were smashed upwards and had the car sitting uneven. I understood this job was over the top and basically crazy to do and totally worthless if we think about it. We all know you can buy an accord cheaper and not have to modify a thing butttttttt this car has history. The main reason for this build is to bring back history harder than it originally hit the first time around.

    Special thanks to my friends who have been Watching And supporting my struggle/addiction with this car. Also gotta thank Bobby Doug and Lee at DBGARAGE for the support! Also gotta thank Craigersheaders for actually showing and teaching me the history of this car while also helping me get the best parts for this build. I love you all, I couldn’t have done this without you.
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    Parts list:
    1993 Honda Accord Jdm front bumper
    1993 Honda Accord Si-t bumper lights
    1993 Honda Accord oem round foglights Nos
    1992-1993 Honda Accord Jdm one piece headlights
    1990-1991 Honda Accord Jdm side skirts with stainless trim
    1992-1993 Honda Accord Jdm thin side moldings for sedan NOS
    1992-1993 Honda Accord Edm headlight washers complete system
    1992-1993 Honda Accord Edm integrated rear foglights for both inner taiillights
    1992-1993 Honda Accord Edm Trunk garnish with Euro Plate
    Jdm Cb3 Digital Climate control NOS
    Honda Access door sills
    Honda Access trunk trays
    Honda Access window visors
    Honda Access Lace seat covers
    Honda Access Nose mask NOS
    Honda Of America Key BNIB
    Honda Access Honda Accord sunroof Visor with access vent NOS
    Honda Access No Smoking ash tray insert NOS
    1992-1993 Honda Accord Kaminari flush mount spoiler with led BNIB
    1992-1993 Honda Accord Kaminari Kit BNIB
    1992-1993 Honda accord Chargespeed grill BNIB
    1992-1993 Honda Accord
    Daisy Electric Blinds
    Prontry Steering wheel with gold badge at spoke
    Prontry Horn button Gold Twin Turbo Jdm NOS
    Prontry chrome lip
    Autospeed Horn button with Cruise control
    Stainless steel door pillars
    Stainless steel door handles
    Lokar Honda Polished Ebrake Handle
    Apc Honda accord dash bezel polished NOS
    Auto Technica s7 electroluminescent gauges for Honda Accord manual
    Polished aftermarket Steering wheel hub
    Greddy X Chasing Js Gold Ti steering wheel hardware
    Greddy GrexHonda knob Polished
    Greddy Trust Grex coin NOS
    Greddy H22 header
    Greddy Trust Sp1 Catback
    Greddy Trust Honda Oil Cap Chrome
    ARC Super Induction Intake box with Chamber H22
    Cusco Upper Strut Bar Honda Accord
    Mogg Shift knob
    Dc Sports Honda Accord Upper Strut bar Polished
    Dc Sports Honda Accord Lower Tie bar Polished
    Dc Sports 2 gen Honda Oil cap Polished
    Dc Sports H22 spark Plug cover Polished
    Fat Four Customs Lower control Arms for Cb7 Polished
    Fat Four Customs Toe Arms for Cb7 Polished
    Fat Four Customs Extended Tophats for Cb7 Polished
    Suspension Techniques front and rear sway bar for Accord Candy Teal
    Spoon monoblocks
    Air Lift 3P air Mangement with Air lift adjustable air shocks
    Function and Form type 2 Coilovers
    Aem BBK rear brake setup 5 lug
    Hasport Billet Motor mount kit with transmission bracket using Prelude H22 motor mounts specifically for Cb7
    1994 Jdm H22a
    T2w4 Euro R Lsd transmission
    H22 Seal kit
    Aem cam gears blue for H22
    P13 ecu
    Eagle rods
    ARP Head Studs for H22
    Acl Race Bearings
    Cometic Head Gasket
    Obx H22 Itb
    Aem Fuel rail h22
    Golden Eagle fuel rail Polished
    Speed Factory Racing H22 Filler neck Polished
    Dsm Injectors
    CNC billet Polished Cam plug

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    This should be good.



      Originally posted by islandhopper View Post
      This should be good.
      Shouldn't have issues this time around. Should have a greater outcome


        I'll be watching for sure.
        NEW CB

        old Darkcloud : 1990 Accord EX MRT



          Originally posted by Darkcloud View Post
          I'll be watching for sure.


            With my boy doing work. Ugly photobucket killed all my links and I won’t pay for that image hosting. So imageshack will be the solution

            Suspension techniques sway bars and DC sports lower tie bar that my boy happened to save for me. Gotta show my boy some love, shoutout to Carlos yee

            Hooked up with this Fatfourcustoms LCA/ toe arm combo

            Jdm thin side moldings

            Just so you know this accord needs wayyyy too much help, but SoCal won’t even know it was once junk once I’m done with it

            The work is going to be crazyyy, but also going to be modifying these shock towers and hit 2 birds with 1 stone.

            Installed oem window visors and power folding mirrors
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              This car has the makings of greatness. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you do to it.


                Originally posted by Mike1357 View Post
                This car has the makings of greatness. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you do to it.
                Thanks bro, been putting in some work and I have alot if updates. Now time to use some image hosting.


                  Arc super induction h22 intake, I've been polishing. Havent finished yet but in the works

                  Brand new digital climate control, got rid of the original dcc for this one

                  Spoon calipers ready for a refresh

                  Sit bumper lights

                  Polished prontry steering wheel


                  New horn buttons for my steering wheel
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                    Digging those thin side moldings. Also love the DCC but man it's a pain to wire up. You have a lot of goodies in this car, I am a little jealous! Looks great though.


                      Oy. You need to re-size your images.

                      Good work though
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                        Originally posted by ProjectH22 View Post
                        Digging those thin side moldings. Also love the DCC but man it's a pain to wire up. You have a lot of goodies in this car, I am a little jealous! Looks great though.
                        Before I took apart the car the dcc was wired and working. Had to retrace the wiring and resolder it. I ended up getting the complete dash harness from Japan for the unit to work. Easier said than done. Main reason I bought another interior wiring harness was cause most of the wiring was butt connected. Yard pricing was so cheap so I got the wiring harness from headlights to taillight for a 92 ex. I also didn't want that bose wiring shit in my car.
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                          Freshly acquired 92 93 kaminari aero kit. Going to be my alternate look so I got it while I had the chance. This now completes my kit, I bought my rear kaminari aero wing about 3 years back.

                          Also got lucky with this brand new OEM hoodbra

                          Been working on this project as well. Using these old school electroluminescent dial kit s7 gauges. Bought an old school polished aluminum bezel and another set of fresh aluminum dial rings for the new setup. I stuck the aluminum polished bezel before installing the dial rings and rolling them over in the end. Oh cool thing about these gauges is they're 3d on the mph and instrument light dials. So they shine underneath the lifted material. I want the cluster to shine since everything else in my car is polished haha. I'm doing bronze reflective tint on the dash cluster lense. Here's my progress.


                            Wow there is a lot of goodness in this thread.

                            I had a 93SE in Geneva Green and I miss it all the time.

                            Would love to get another.

                            Good luck!


                              nice parts.