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Randomcustoms: 1992 Accord EX

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    Randomcustoms: 1992 Accord EX

    Engine :

    95 Accord SIR h22a
    MP0A LSD auto trans
    1.5 plenum spacer
    Integra 60mm throttle body
    Plenum bored to match
    Dc sports 4-2-1 header
    Megan Test pipe
    Magnaflow cat back exhaust
    Cold air intake
    Egr block off plate

    Exterior :

    90-91 sedan front bumper
    90-91 Jdm one piece headlights
    90-91 Jdm fog lights
    Hid- high, low and fog lights
    Led turn signals
    Led Bumper lights that blink and run
    3rd brake light flasher relay
    acura legend front lip
    cd5 rear lip
    All chrome trim blacked out
    (not completely finished)
    Color matched grille and headlight surrounds
    Oem roof rack
    Oem Crv bike attachments
    08 Accord aero wipers
    16 odyssey rear wiper arm and wiper

    Interior :

    Cl map lights

    Suspension / brakes / wheels :

    Tein street advance coil overs
    Spc front upper ball joints
    Spc rear upper camber arm
    Megan racing rear lower control arms
    Suspension techniques front and rear sway bars
    Energy suspension bushings through out
    2012 Accord front brake calipers
    2001 Acura rl front brake rotors (11.8)
    Goodridge stainless brake lines
    5 lug conversion using
    ody front knuckles
    prelude rear hubs
    16 x7.5 +65 ap1 wheels all the way around
    1. wheel spacers in the front
    .875 wheel spacers in the back

    Audio / electronics :

    Oem alarm system (need a new remote)
    Variable intermittent front wipers
    Intermittent rear wiper

    Future plans :

    Tinted windows
    Lighted window switches
    Lighted mirror switch
    Heated mirrors
    Intersection lights
    96/97 Accord steering column
    Newer steering wheel with radio controls
    Backup camera and mirror
    Custom rear brake brackets
    2012 Accord rear rotors (11.1)

    Wants :

    Value sports wing
    Value sports rear lip
    Intersection lights
    Edm rear fog
    Half antenna
    Rear cargo rubber mat
    Digital climate control
    Left hand drive fresh air vent
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    Random Customs
    Praise the lowered

    I love it. Nice wagon man!
    Henry R
    1992 Accord LX R.I.P
    1993 Accord EX OG since 'o3
    Legend FSM

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      nice mod list you got there so far. i want a wagon one day. how do you like those ST sway bars?
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      COUPE K24


        Love it! Very nice selection of mods.


          Thank you guys very much for the nice comments!

          Iíve been workin on rebuilding the suspension and brakes for almost a year now. I originally tore the car apart to change a flex plate that broke in two last year.
          And I figured it was time to do some maintenance too.

          Itís only been running for a week now, so I canít say too much on how different the sway bars feel. I had cd7 ex bars on it, and there is a notice difference in body roll. The car feels much better! But I upgraded the bushings and from skunk2 struts and tein s tech springs to the tein coilovers, and camber kits. So a few too many changes, to tell for sure what has made the difference.
          Random Customs
          Praise the lowered


            This looks to be well thought out and executed. Looking forward to more progress!


              About a year ago I was driving to work and pulled out on the highway, and When the car shifted to second, it just revved. So after checkin a few things I determined it must’ve been the flex plate. So I pulled the engine and trans out and that’s what I found

              So after that instead of just replacing the flex plate, I decided to fix and upgrade some other things I had been needing to do. I had a seized rear brake caliper, stretched e brake cables, some abs issues(still haven’t solved yet). The car ended up being down for the last 10 months, mainly working on the suspension and brakes.i had esp mounts sitting there from my last two cb’s, and some other random odds and ends.
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              Random Customs
              Praise the lowered


                One of the most important things I had to work on was fixing some rust issues. It seems the previous owner had a battery explode and it rusted out all around the battery tray and down the bay onto the abs pump and front crossmember.

                rusted bay

                Repainted bay

                I cut out the hole beside the battery tray larger to accept a full cold air intake.

                I also cleaned up most of the suspension

                I repainted the subframe, lower control arms, brake booster, and other odds and ends.

                I used Spray in bed liner on the knuckles and inner fender wells, shock forks.

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                Random Customs
                Praise the lowered


                  Last year I decided to switch to the newer aero style wipers. I repainted my wiper arms, and I’m running 2008 crosstour front wipers. And in the rear I am running 2016 odyssey rear wiper arm and wiper.
                  From there I converted over to variable speed intermittent front wipers, with a 95 Accord v6 icu.
                  ( thanks to lucifer1’s write up )
                  Being a wagon I started with an odyssey wiper switch. The intermittent function worked but not the highs. I double checked and rewired everything. Still no luck!
                  Before figuring that out I tried to take on a second project, which was borrowed from another forum and car all together. Intermittent rear wiper setup! which uses 97 crv parts. After figuring out the sub harness and getting the parts for that, I bough a 96-97 wagon wiper stalk. And then everything was working perfectly! The front intermittent worked correctly, the low and high speeds also worked. And the rear wiper now wipes once every 6-8 seconds instead of how uselessly fast it wiped before!

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                  Random Customs
                  Praise the lowered


                    All very nice, functional modifications! Keep up the great work.
                    My Members' Ride Thread - It's a marathon build, not a sprint. But keep me honest on the update frequency!


                      Also, if you need help with image resizing, here's a post of mine from another thread.

                      Originally posted by Jarrett View Post
                      You need to use IMG links instead of URL links. You also need to click "huge thumbnail" to make them a manageable size.

                      My Members' Ride Thread - It's a marathon build, not a sprint. But keep me honest on the update frequency!


                        Great work. Love me a fast wagon.


                          thank you Jarrett!
                          Random Customs
                          Praise the lowered